Dance Moms Season 5 episode 3 recap: The return of JoJo

We’re only three episodes into Season 5 and the Christi/Kelly conflict seems years away, doesn’t it, Dance Moms nation? Especially considering Holly’s meltdown(s) last week. Surprisingly, Melissa (looking at the floor and cleaning her teeth with her tongue) actually pipes up right out of the gate to find out how “Holl” is after last week’s “you’re only promoting three kids” throwdown. At least we got Melissa to look away from Abby’s-ass-kissing the cue cards, now we just need to work on her, “I care/I’m empathetic” voice. Holly, the moral pillar of our program, starts off the show in her nasal-iest […]

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The Sisterhood episode 5 recap: Too pretty to be nuns

Recap of Lifetime’s The Sisterhood episode 5: Too Pretty To Be Nuns (original air date Dec. 16, 2014) Once upon a time, when Katy was 25 … wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I would go have a drink with close friends, we would talk about grad school, weddings, gossip a little, hash out some problems and then go dancing.  Once upon a time, 10(ish) years later, Katy was 35 (almost): wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I go and have a drink with close friends, we talk about husbands, kids, I’m still talking about school, hashing out some problems and then […]

The Sisterhood Lifetime episode 4

The Sisterhood episode 4 recap: Let talk about sex

In the fourth episode of Lifetime’s The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns, the women are hitting some bumps, struggling, being torn in opposite directions. In other words, yep, they are doing everything right. Discernment is messy and bumpy, and the women are starting to feel that.  Internal and external struggles are making themselves known at this point.  I find the women’s courage incredible to share some of those moments with the public — it’s a rare gift to actually hear what the struggle sounds like in others. And it’s the uncomfortable that lights the firecracker underneath people to make a move toward (or […]


The Sisterhood episode 3 recap: Movin’ Right Along

On this week’s The Sisterhood on Lifetime, the girls are off to their next discernment adventure! I’m sure those fifteen days with the Carmelites flew by. I’m torn on this point; I’m glad they are visiting 3 different congregations (not thrilled that the 3 chosen aren’t reflective of the ‘spectrum’ of congregational flavors), and in an already abbreviated period of exploration, they get 15 days to choose a community? I’m crossing my fingers that the intent is “exposure” and exploring — “would I like to continue discerning religious life” in general —not a specific congregation. It was nice to see […]

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The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns episode 2 recap: Too Legit To Quit

Discernment: a phase, short-term, an answer to questions, a “sorority-esque” experience, physiologically depriving of oxygen (i.e. what’s with everyone passing out and getting light-headed?), gossipy, divisive, torturous, cantankerous, survival of the fittest, judging, and histrionic, and the shrine (Thank God for the shrine). At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from the viewer’s perspective of how discernment is being defined on Lifetime’s The Sisterhood. • RELATED: How legit is Lifetime’s The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns? A former nun gives her review By the way? “The Sisterhood” might make a good title, but it’s not a real thing. Call them sisters, nuns, a […]

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How legit is ‘The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns?‘ Former nun gives her review

Trolling Facebook a few months ago, one of my friends — a religious sister— posted the news release for Lifetime’s new ‘docuseries,’ The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns. I laughed out loud! The title alone is saturated with incorrect stereotypes and inaccuracies, so naturally, I had to go immediately and see if there was a trailer— and indeed there was. Still, I vowed not to even watch the series (while trying to remember if any of my streaming subscriptions even had Lifetime), chalking it up to another mind-poisoning hour of un-reality television that informs society the “truths” of today. With irritation and […]