NBC Brings Back Iconic Game Show ‘Password’ With Host Keke Palmer

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Since its original incarnation that ran from 1961-67, and continuing through a 1971-75 revival and ensuing offshoots (like Password Plus, Super Password and Million Dollar Password) that have aired across subsequent decades, Password has been one of television’s most beloved and iconic game shows.

The game’s simple format — a celebrity player and a contestant each try to convey mystery words to each other using only single-word clues (that are not the answer word itself) — has been part of the appeal. Notable hosts and guest stars over the years have also been part of the fun over the years, particularly original host Allen Ludden and his wife, Betty White, who was a frequent face on the show as a celebrity contestant in dozens of episodes between 1961-75.

NBC is bringing Password back in a new version hosted by actress Keke Palmer that kicks off with a two-night premiere event Aug. 9 at 10pm ET/PT and Aug. 10 at 9pm ET/PT. There will also be new episodes Tuesday and Wednesday Aug. 16-17, before the series settles into its Tuesday-only slot starting Aug. 23.

Jimmy Fallon, who introduced new generations of fans to the classic game on both Late Night and The Tonight Show, is an executive producer and one member of the two celebrity/contestant duos who will face off in two games during each of the eight hourlong episodes to win cash prizes. The premiere features Fallon and Jon Hamm competing; other celebrity guests will include Yvette Nicole Brown, Tony Hale, Chelsea Handler, Heidi Klum, Joel McHale, Chrissy Metz, Martin Short, J.B. Smoove and Meghan Trainor. The initial season will also feature legacy contestants from 1980s versions of the game show.

Befitting White’s longtime legacy as Password’s greatest player, the premiere of this revival will be dedicated to the legend, who passed away late last year. The initial season will conclude with a special episode featuring an all-celebrity lineup playing for charity.


  1. Was really hoping this would be good. Disappointing. The crazy set design gives me a headache. Keke is loud and obnoxious. The game alone is fun without all the distractions. I hope I can find reruns of the original show to watch instead.

  2. There’s nothing iconic about this game,,,they are not guessing nothing but words,,what happened to the 5 clues to guess the word that was hidden to gain points to move to bonus round ? Not a fan right now don’t like why they changed the way password originally was played …bring it back,like Bert Convey hosted it it was so much fun ,I love password but do the original version of password would be much better and they are suppose to only say one word when guessing the word these contestants and stars are using more then one descriptive word ,,not a fan

  3. Is it just me, or does the voice saying “the password is…” sound like Jimmy Fallon doing a weird voice? Lol

  4. Kese Palmer could be a really good if she calms down some, but the guy who announces “the Password is…” makes it so creepy! Too bad, Jimmy Fallon is a great player, as was Jon Hamm.

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