5 Questions With Simone Missick of OWN’s ‘All Rise’

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Fans of All Rise were thrilled to hear that the show — which was canceled at its original home on CBS in 2021 — was picked up by OWN for an unexpected third season, premiering June 7.

So what’s different now? “Well, I mean, we’re reporting to Oprah herself, so …” laughs star and executive producer Simone Missick, who plays Judge Lola Carmichael. “It’s wonderful, because at OWN, they’re very mindful of so many details, from how does Lola’s hair look to what is Sherri [Ruthie Ann Miles] wearing this week. They’re invested in all aspects of it.”

Viewers can expect an exciting new season, with Missick promising big things. “We will see old relationships revisited, current relationships and friendships tested, and romances blossoming. … But we are still walking that fine line with our special All Rise brand of humor to take [our fans] on a true roller-coaster ride every episode.”

We caught up with Missick — who, despite battling a cold, was as warm and eloquent as her onscreen counterpart — to answer our “5 Questions.”

1. What TV shows have you been watching lately?
I finished Euphoria. Every week, that show had me. I loved it. I am also catching up on The Home Edit on Netflix. That’s been helping my organizational aspirations. … And, of course, I am supporting my fellow castmate, Ryan Michelle Bathé, in her show on NBC, The Endgame.

2. What three things do you need to have in your fridge or pantry?
Kite Hill makes an amazing almond milk yogurt that I eat nearly every morning with Nature’s Path pumpkin seed and flax granola. With blueberries. That has been my breakfast for about two years. It’s so good. That and Bustelo coffee. My husband and I drink the espresso Bustelo like it’s regular coffee!

3. What movie can you watch over and over?
Oh, Bridesmaids. I probably have seen that movie 100 times. I know every word. Lindsey Gort, who plays Amy Quinn [on All Rise], and I will often drop a line from Bridesmaids together and the other person will pick it up easily.

4. Have you ever been starstruck?
Yes, once, with Prince. And I did not go and speak to him. I was frozen in place. My girlfriend and I were at a nightclub in Hollywood, and I looked across the room and he was there. She’s like, “Girl, you’ve got to go say hi to Prince.” I was like, “I can’t do it. I can’t move.” And I forever regret that moment.

5. Did you have any other jobs before becoming an actor?
Ooh, I had many jobs. I substitute taught for LAUSD [Los Angeles Unified School District] for about two years. I waited many tables throughout the Los Angeles area, various restaurants and hotels, none of which I will name because nearly all of them were awful establishments. But I met great people!

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