5 Questions With Cristina Rosato of ‘Turner & Hooch’ on Disney+

Cristina Rosato Jonny Marlow

It’s the perfect combination of cuteness, comedy and crime-fighting.

The Disney+ family friendly action/comedy series Turner & Hooch, based on the 1989 Tom Hanks film, nabbed a lot of hearts and laughs in its first season.

Like in Episode 5, “Road to Smell Dorado,” when Olivia (Cristina Rosato), an Oakland cop and Xavier’s (Brandon Jay McLaren) fiancée, had her spa treatment interrupted by an emergency call. Olivia, still in her bathrobe and facial mask, grabbed her boots and her firearm and hopped on a motorcycle to aid her beloved “X.”

“It was pretty fun!” Rosato says. “When I read that in the script, I was like, ‘Oh my God! This is such a dreamy scene!’ To roll in from a spa on a motorcycle shooting at a plane! That’s crazy!”

And when your costar is a French Mastiff, there’s a crazy amount of saliva involved. “There is so much slobber!,” Rosato says. “I never really hung out with those types of dogs before. I’m a dog lover, absolutely. These dogs are so sweet but so slobbery. Obviously everyone always just wants to pet the dogs, and the poor costume ladies were running after all of us yelling, ‘No! No!’ Because if he shakes his head or anything, we’d get full of this thick slobber. It was a funny problem to have.”

Rosato had no problem cracking the case of our 5 Questions:

1. Can you tell us about a strange or interesting fan encounter?
I think one of my strange fan encounters was from my work in video games. The fans of video games are really intense. We have some family friends of ours we hang out with every so often, and it came up that I was in a few of these video games, and the younger boy just completely freaked out. He couldn’t believe that I was in his favorite video games. For the next few hours, he just called all his friends to tell them. I even left a message for one of his friends in the voice of the character. It was really funny!

2. Can you tell us about a time you were starstruck?
A friend of mine many years ago was hosting Saturday Night Live, and so we went to this pre-party the night before in New York. It was a big fancy party with tons of famous people. I was just there chatting with a friend, and an actor — who will not be named — came and was heavily hitting on me. I was trying to get away from the situation, and then I feel a very light touch on my shoulder and I heard someone saying, “Oh, excuse me. Sorry, I need to speak to you for a second.” And I turned, and it was Sting. Being the sweet man that he seems to be, he saw what was happening and sort of came to swoop in and save me. He tried to talk to me, and I was like — there’s an expression in French called bouche bée, which is just like ‘mouth open’ — I think my jaw just dropped.

3. What’s your favorite sports team?
The Montreal Canadiens, all the way. And I love watching Italy as well, so I’m a fan of Roma, the Italian soccer team.

4. What’s a movie you can watch over and over again?
One of them is definitely Bridesmaids. I think that’s one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s just hilarious every time.Good Will Hunting is another one of them. I think that movie is so touching. You really root for the underdog. I love that movie. And I’ll be a stereotype and also say The Godfather.

5. What are some jobs you had before or outside of show business?
I started bartending in clubs in Montreal when I was 17 years old. They can’t get in trouble now. I’m pretty sure that club is closed. I started bartending when I was underage. I started at 17 and I worked in bars and in the restaurant industry as well for a long time in Montreal. I had a great time bartending and waiting tables. I met a lot of fun people. I enjoyed my time. Ate lots of good food. Drank lots of good wine.

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