7 Questions With Captain Sandy Yawn of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Captain Sandy Yawn of Bravo's "Below Deck Mediterranean" Laurent Basset/Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean returns on Mondays (beginning June 28) on Bravo, and back at the helm is stalwart Capt. Sandy Yawn, always the devoted leader to her motley group of crewmates. Of course, this season is different from past ones, with the pandemic rearing its ugly head. Yawn calls it her “biggest concern” this year. “The safety and health of our crew and charter guests during the coronavirus pandemic was definitely not an easy task, and this was a world changer, not just in the maritime industry.” But despite these challenges, viewers won’t be let down; the show promises to deliver more drama on the high seas. We asked Capt. Yawn our “7 Questions.”

  1. Who would you say is your most interesting new crewmate for this season, and what makes that individual special?

This season I would say that would be Katie Flood (chief stew) and Mzi “Zee” Dempers (deckhand). I appreciated how Katie taught the team her style of service right when she joined the boat. She led by example, showing them the proper setup and would carry the workload when her team needed rest. I also liked how Zee was eager to learn. He would always carry a notepad and talk to his older brother, who is also in the yachting industry.

  1. What’s the wildest experience (on camera or off) that’s happened to you while at sea?

I ran a vessel called Pure Bliss, and on a night crossing we were off the boot of Italy and I felt a massive vibration. It was a dark night, no moon and pitch black. I had to send the team in the black, dark water to see what had happened while drifting what felt like in the abyss. I was on lookout and could see traffic headed our way. I called the vessels and no one responded. At this point it was all about timing. On that night, we witnessed many strange things at sea. Sometimes one wonders if it’s an illusion or if it’s real! That was one wild night!

  1. What are three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry? 

Oranges for fresh-squeezed OJ, eggs and oatmeal! I LOVE breakfast!

  1. What’s a movie you never get tired of watching?

The Fifth Element and Guardians of the Galaxy.

  1. If you were on Jeopardy!, what three categories (actual categories or your own) would you rock at?

World Geography, Islands and World History.

  1. Tell us your three favorite destinations to visit.

Cote d’Azur; Aspen, Colorado; and the Bahamas.

  1. What inspired you to create your educational program, Captain Sandy and the Ocean Rangers?

As a young girl, I never heard about the maritime industry in grade school, and that is the time when you dream about what you want to be when you grow up. I always heard about becoming a doctor, lawyer, president and so on. I want children to know, especially young girls, that there is an entire industry where they can thrive and learn a lot about the world and different cultures.