Inmates and Friends Spill the Dirt in “Cellmate Secrets”

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Uh-oh, the tea is about to be spilled. Lifetime’s new six-episode documentary series Cellmate Secrets (Fridays beginning June 4) is like the TMZ of true crime, as it tracks down former friends, prison guards, cellmates and lovers of some of the most famed felons and defendants of today to reveal new insights and information about them.

Casey Anthony. Drew Peterson. Joyce Mitchell. Jodi Arias. All of their stories are told in a new light, along with an enhanced re-airing of the Lifetime original movie that followed their true story. Rizzoli & IslesAngie Harmon narrates the series and couldn’t be happier with her new gig.

“I’ve always been a really diehard fan of shows like 48 Hours and Dateline. They’re fascinating. They always feel like the inside scoop on whatever topic or crime that they’re focusing on. When I was actually pregnant with my third child, I was super sick. I just watched these shows all of the time, and I loved them,” Harmon shares. “I don’t know why. I think it just kind of goes with the characters that I seem to be attracted to and get cast playing. And now it’s doubly fascinating for me because it’s after the crime and what these people have been doing in prison, who they’ve become friends with and then what these friends now say about them.”

Cellmate Secrets is more like The Bachelor’s “After the Final Rose” episodes, where the stories catch you up on lives following their court case and, if applicable, take you behind bars.

“To me it’s like this sort of whole other level — kind of an underbelly, if you will — of what they’ve been doing since they were put away,” Harmon explains. “These are people who have spent time with them, and people who sort of almost are bewitched and entranced with these people. Every single [episode] is a crazy, kind of dramatic ending. It’s all this stuff that you didn’t really know during the case, because it’s all happened afterward.”

“My jaw drops on just the narcissistic sociopath that exists in these episodes and how they are just completely and totally void of any emotion or of consequence or holding themselves accountable,” Harmon concludes. “Second to that, you have these people who are just sort of like entranced by [these criminals]. And that in itself is just as equally jawdropping because you know that someone murdered her child and put her in a suitcase and got away with it. I mean, sorry, call me old-fashioned, but I don’t want to be friends with them. I’m good. Nope. No, thanks.”


Prosecuting Casey Anthony (Movie) – 8pm ET/PT
Cellmate Secrets: Casey Anthony- 10pm ET/PT

Drew Peterson: Untouchable (Movie) – 8pm ET/PT
Cellmate Secrets: Drew Peterson – 10pm ET/PT

New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell (Movie)- 8pm ET/PT
Cellmate Secrets: Joyce Mitchell – 10pm ET/PT

Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer (Movie) – 8pm ET/PT
Cellmate Secrets: Chris Watts – 10pm ET/PT

FRIDAY, JULY 2 (Encore airing)
Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (Movie) – 8pm ET/PT
Cellmate Secrets: Jodi Arias (enhanced encore)- 10pm ET/PT
Pictured above are Donavan and Travy who appear in Cellmate Secrets: Jodi Arias

Cellmate Secrets: Susan Smith – 10pm ET/PT

Cellmate Secrets: Shayna Hubers – 10pm ET/PT