Heart of the Fan: 19 FOX Sports Regional Networks Are Now Bally Sports

Bally Sports

Things will be a little different on TV for sports fans tuning into their home-team broadcasts this spring.

In a reported $85 million naming rights deal between Sinclair Broadcast Group (who owns the regional FOX Sports networks) and casino operator Bally’s, 19 regional FOX Sports networks will be rebranded to Bally Sports effective March 31, just in time for baseball season.

Channel numbers won’t change from those previously occupied by FOX Sports. On-air graphics and music will be updated to the Bally Sports brand, and call letter designations in TV listings sources will eventually be updated to reflect the new channel names.

The FOX Sports GO app for streaming devices will automatically update to Bally Sports for most users (though at the time of this writing, apps on my devices have not made the switch and BallySports.com was still “coming soon”).

FOX Sports 1 (FS1) and FOX Sports 2 (FS2) channels are separate entities and are unaffected by the Bally Sports rebrand.

Here’s a look at the 19 Bally Sports networks and their respective major home teams:

Bally Sports

Bally Sports Networks & Home Teams

Bally Sports Arizona Arizona Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns
Bally Sports Detroit Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers
Bally Sports Florida Florida Panthers, Miami Marlins, Orlando Magic
Bally Sports Great Lakes Cleveland Indians
Bally Sports Indiana Indiana Pacers
Bally Sports Kansas City Kansas City Royals
Bally Sports Midwest St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals
Bally Sports New Orleans New Orleans Pelicans
Bally Sports North Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Wild
Bally Sports Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder
Bally Sports Ohio Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Cavaliers, Columbus Blue Jackets
Bally Sports San Diego San Diego Padres
Bally Sports SoCal Anaheim Ducks, L.A. Clippers, L.A. Kings
Bally Sports South Atlanta Braves, Carolina Hurricanes
Bally Sports Southeast Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Memphis Grizzlies, Nashville Predators
Bally Sports Southwest Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, San Antonio Spurs
Bally Sports Sun Miami Heat, Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays
Bally Sports West L.A. Angels
Bally Sports Wisconsin Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks


  1. I live in Pikeville Tn and have dish. I have been told that the Atlanta Braves games are blacked out in our area. What can I do to be able to watch the Brave games?

  2. Please add the shot clock and the team record when you broadcast the Suns game. Hate the new display when you broadcast….you only show timeouts left. WTF?

  3. I want the kc royals most of the games are blacked out. Evan when they are out of town I pay extra just to watch the royals.how can I be a real fan if I can’t watch on TV getting very irritated

  4. I have DirecTV in southern Utah as of last Thursday I cannot get the Angels or the Dodgers and most other baseball games on the RSN, What happened?

  5. When will I be able to watch the Detroit Tigers and what channel? I have been paying for over two years.

  6. Bally,
    Sports in our homes are a very personal business. We’ve only just met and you’re barging in the door changing what we see on our teams broadcasts.
    Calling yourself the heart of Minnesota sports.
    Are you kidding?
    The fans are the heart of Minnesota sports. You got here like 5 minutes ago. Our trust is not an automatic, it must be earned through time.
    Fox Sports North was part of our family.
    They cant be replaced in our hearts so quickly.
    Give us some time to acclimate, and tread lightly on the recent loss of our trusted old friend, Fox Sports North.

  7. Bally Sports Great Lakes doesn’t cover Michigan teams even though Michigan is the Great Lake State. LOL. Some of these are so poorly named. Also hilarious that the FOX Sports GO to Bally Sports conversion wasn’t done by MLB Opening Day.

  8. When will you get back on YouTube TV? you can’t be making money in the Detroit market without broadcasting on all of the popular streaming packages!

  9. So sick and tired of No Tiger baseball on Dish! Dish sucks clean up your act or I’m switching providers!!

  10. Why are all the game stats on the bottom of the screen where the game is played duh

  11. Ballys sucks fox sports is so much better you people have ruined red wings hockey

    • Will Bally sports become available on Dish network here in Michigan? It’s going on 2 years with no Detroit tigers games and other Detroit teams on Dishnet here in Michigan because of a dispute with fox sports Detroit. This is getting old and I’m about to drop dishnet over this. Please resolve this issue!

      • I agree I want to watch the Tigers on Dish and can’t. If not resolved I will be dropping Dish and go back to Spectrum (which I don’t want to do)

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