OWN’s New Series ‘Delilah’ Takes On the Legal System


OWN continues to tell important Black stories with its new series Delilah, premiering Tuesday. It comes from creator Craig Wright, who previously helmed the network’s hit Greenleaf, which was the most-watched cable series among African American viewers before wrapping up after five seasons. Delilah promises to also be must-see television — it stars Maahra Hill as Delilah Connolly, a North Carolina lawyer who left a big firm a decade ago to raise her children. Now, she’s back and ready to take on the cases no one else will, helping those who society has ignored or thrown away.

The inspiration for Delilah came from a desire to tell stories that affect many Americans, with a strong heroine at the heart. “We just wanted to make something bigger and broader so we could ask even more questions about where society is headed and how Black women and Black Americans are going to continue to be a major part of the unfolding of American history and world history,” said Wright.

Delilah is just the latest in a line of strong female characters on OWN, a network that shows all the ways women can stretch the limits and achieve incredible things. “A character like Delilah, who is so passionate about addressing injustice, those concerns — as much injustice as a lot of Americans have experienced over the past four years, there’s always injustice,” explained Wright. “Delilah’s desire for justice and for fairness and for truth transcends all political boundaries and the need for women like Delilah in America is always going to be there. And just thank God she showed up.”