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Sunday, Feb. 21: The ‘Wicked Tuna’ Fleet Faces Its Toughest Test Yet in Season 10

National Geographic

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Sunday, Feb. 21

Wicked Tuna
Nat Geo, 9pm
Season Premiere!

Gloucester, Massachusetts, is the oldest fishing port in the United States and for the last 10 years a fleet of Gloucester bluefin tuna fishermen have overcome obstacles, survived danger and embraced glory. But this season is their biggest test yet. With a world in flux, these fishermen fight the only way they know how: with grit, resilience and determination. It’s do or die for the bluefin and the fleet this season.

The Walking Dead: “Home Sweet Home”
New Episodes!

The Walking Dead’s 10th season is returning with new episodes, and you can get a sneak preview of the first installment one week before its debut on the linear AMC cable network. The series left off with the fall of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the end of the Whisperer War. The Kingdom had fallen, Hilltop was virtually destroyed and Alexandria abandoned to prepare for final battle. The survivors were trapped and separated from one another. Yet, when faced with almost certain death, they rallied together to fight, killing Beta (Ryan Hurst) and eliminating the threat of the horde. In these six new episodes, the survivors try to pick themselves up by their bootstraps following the destruction the Whisperers left in their wake. After today, all subsequent episodes will be available to stream Thursdays on AMC+ ahead of their Sunday linear premieres.

Now You See Me
AMC, 6:30pm

The 2013 thriller starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine makes its debut on AMC tonight. The film follows an FBI agent and an Interpol detective searching for a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.

Cherries Wild
FOX, 7pm
New Series!

Hosted by Jason Biggs, this fast-paced half-hour game show will feature two rounds of pop culture trivia gameplay — during which a team of two contestants will try to “Solve the Slots” in hopes of getting one step closer to winning the $250,000 jackpot. At the end of each episode, when they spin the reels on the enormous slot machine, contestants will attempt to capture all five Wild Cherries to win the ultimate prize.

America’s Funniest Home Videos
ABC, 7pm

It’s kids and animals making messes, including a little boy who covered the dog in parmesan cheese, twin toddlers who don’t like the face filter that turned them into old men, and the outrageous things people say in the recovery room.

The Dating List
UPtv, 7pm
Original Film!

Abby Morel is a bright, young editor’s assistant living in the big city. Wanting to get ahead in her career, she makes an unusual deal with her high-flying boss, Susan. Susan is far too busy to date, but she wants to fall in love. Abby agrees to “screen” dates for Susan in exchange for a promotion. After a couple of disasters, Abby meets Dan, who seemingly ticks all the boxes. The trouble is, she’s starting to fall for him, too. A promising career now within her reach, will she risk losing it all for true love?

Black Panther
TNT, 7:30pm

The 2018 film stars the late Chadwick Boseman, along with Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and Martin Freeman. After the death of his father, T’Challa returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation Wakanda to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king. But when a powerful old enemy reappears, T’Challa’s mettle as king — and Black Panther — is tested.

Bless the Harts: “Crappy Death Day”
FOX, 7:30pm
New Episodes!

Jenny (voice of Kristen Wiig) tries to get a refund from a psychic, and Wayne’s (voice of Ike Barinholtz) fishing trip with buddies from work turns into a hunt for a dangerous species. Guest voices in the new episode “Crappy Death Day” include Ken Jeong, David Herman, Jon Hamm, Patton Oswalt, Paula Pell and Kevin Michael Richardson.

The Simpsons: “Diary Queen”
FOX, 8pm
New Episodes!

Bart (voice of Nancy Cartwright) finds a diary belonging to his old teacher, Mrs. Krabappel (voice of the late Marcia Wallace), and learns a surprising secret in the new episode “Diary Queen.”

American Idol
ABC, 8pm

This new episode continues the journey to find the next superstar. Auditions across California’s Los Angeles, San Diego and Ojai continue as the all-star judges bring laughs, emotions and surprises in the search for America’s next singing sensation.

BET and CBS News Present: Boiling Point
BET, 8pm
New Series!

Have we come to a moment of reckoning, an overdue awakening on systemic racism? Sparked by the horrific death of George Floyd, protesters took to the streets across the nation, demanding accountability and change in policing. Yet, the current movements against police brutality, voter suppression, segregated schools, environmental racism and mass incarceration are unfortunately not new. For decades, Black Americans have been fighting for America to live up to its ideals. This six-part series will explore these powerful through lines that bridge our country’s past and present with each episode exploring dramatic flashpoints in American history — George Wallace’s stand in the schoolhouse door, Bloody Sunday in Selma, the Attica prison uprising, the L.A. Riots, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Floyd’s killing. See how these events set the stage for the current civil rights battles of today.

Batwoman: “Gore on Canvas”
The CW, 8pm

Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) is approached by Cmdr. Kane (Dougray Scott) and Agent Moore (Meagan Tandy) to boost an infamous work of art that reveals the way to Coryana — and Kate. Despite Ryan’s reservations, Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang) convince her to take the assignment, causing tensions within the Bat-team to escalate. Meanwhile, as Alice (Rachel Skarsten) attempts to fulfill Safiyah’s (guest star Shivaani Ghai) insidious request, she slowly discovers that she may not remember everything about her time on Coryana.

Chronicle Mysteries: Helped to Death
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 8pm
Original Film!

Alex and Drew investigate a self-help retreat and the controversial life coach who oversees it. Starring Alison Sweeney and Benjamin Ayres.

Home Town: “Closer to Mom”
HGTV, 8pm

A New Orleans couple is looking for a vacation home in Laurel to be closer to her mom, and their ideal house needs space for hosting crawfish boils. Ben and Erin Napier transform a dated home into a modern oasis complete with two kitchens and a spectacular pool.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke: “The Case of Henry Scarlet”
PBS, 8pm
Season Finale!

Forgery, murder and false accusation strain Eliza’s (Kate Phillips) forensic skills as she gets to the bottom of her father’s death, aided by the Duke (Stuart Martin) and her underworld friend Moses (Ansu Kabia).

Pre-Code Double Feature
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

You might be surprised at the sorts of daring and broadminded stories, themes and images found in Hollywood movies that were created before the Motion Picture Production Code (aka the “Hays Code”) took effect between 1934-68. You’ll have a chance to see some of them tonight in Turner Classic Movies’ double feature of films made pre-Code. First up is the screwball comedy/drama Bombshell (1933), starring original platinum-blonde icon Jean Harlow living up to the film’s title with a smoldering performance in her signature comedy. Harlow plays glamorous film star Lola Burns, who rebels against her studio, her pushy press agent (Lee Tracy) and a family of hangers-on, hoping to lead a normal life and prove to her public that she is a proper lady, and not the sexy vamp of her movies. Of course, none of these people want to see their meal ticket leave the business, and they try everything they can to keep her where she is. Next is another 1933 film, Design for Living, a comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch and based on the Noël Coward play. Miriam Hopkins plays a woman who can’t decide between two men who love her (played by Fredric March and Gary Cooper), so the three try living together in a platonic, friendly relationship.

The Great North
FOX, 8:30pm
New Series!

After a sneak preview last month, this new animated comedy begins in its regular time slot. The Great North follows the Alaskan adventures of the Tobin family, as single dad Beef (voice of Nick Offerman) does his best to keep his bunch of kids close. The voice cast also includes Jenny Slate, Will Forte, Dulcé Sloan, Paul Rust, Aparna Nancherla, Megan Mullally and guest appearances by Alanis Morissette. In the new episode “Avocado Barter Adventure,” Wolf (Forte) tries to find the perfect six-month anniversary gift for Honeybee (Sloan).

Bob’s Burgers: “Romancing the Beef”
FOX, 9pm
New Episodes!

Louise (voice of Kristen Schaal) convinces her parents to cash in on the lucrative Valentine’s Day dinner business, even though it will put their own Valentine’s Day plans on hold.

Disrupt & Dismantle
BET, 9pm
New Series!

This timely series follows Soledad O’Brien as she tackles injustices across the nation affecting the Black community, from police brutality to redlining, the school-to-prison pipeline, the infant mortality crisis fueled by systemic racism and more. Disrupt & Dismantle will take an active and hard-edged approach to chopping away at the roots of racism, focusing on real people with real problems, looking for real action. Through gritty reportage and true vérité moments, as well as raw emotional interviews and rarely seen archival photos and footage, the series will offer invaluable insights and truly bring viewers along on O’Brien’s journey as she identifies an issue within a particular community, then goes out into the field and investigates.

NCIS: Los Angeles: “Russia, Russia, Russia”
CBS, 9pm

When Callen (Chris O’Donnell) goes to the National Counterterrorism Center to interrogate a Russian asset, the tables are turned and Callen is detained on accusations of being a Russian agent in the new episode “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

When Calls the Heart
Hallmark Channel, 9pm
Season Premiere!

Season 8 of Hallmark Channel’s beloved primetime drama series will make its triumphant return with more surprises and challenges in store for the residents of Hope Valley, with two additional all-new episodes this season for a total of 12!

Lies, Crimes & Video
HLN, 9pm
Season Premiere!

The true-crime docuseries returns for Season 2; two hourlong episodes will air each Sunday evening beginning tonight. First, in “Yoga Store Slaying,” Lululemon employee Jayna Murray is found stabbed to death inside one of the company’s high-end Washington, D.C., stores. Evidence in the killing begins to point to someone on the inside. Then, “One October: Massacre on the Strip” looks at new evidence, untold stories and videos surrounding the Las Vegas mass shooting committed by Stephen Paddock that left more than 50 people dead.

The Widower: Part Three
NBC, 9pm
Series Finale!

The three-night true-crime docuseries from the producers of Dateline NBC concludes tonight. The series takes viewers behind the scenes of a decade-long investigation into Thomas Randolph, an eccentric Las Vegas man accused of killing his wife Sharon, who was his sixth wife and the fourth to die under mysterious circumstances.

All Creatures Great and Small: “The Night Before Christmas”
PBS, 9pm
Season Finale!

Siegfried (Samuel West) hosts a Christmas Eve party, with an even bigger event to follow the next day. Meanwhile, Helen (Rachael Shenton) accompanies James (Nicholas Ralph) on an emergency house call.

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip With Sam and Graham: “Scottish Sports”
Starz, 9pm

Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish explore both classic and modern Scottish sports as they take on everything from lifting stones and throwing the Highland Games Hammer to golfing at the revered St. Andrews and suiting up for a rugby lesson at Murrayfield Stadium.

Family Guy: “Boy’s Best Friend”
FOX, 9:30pm
New Episodes!

Brian (voice of Seth MacFarlane) bonds with his new girlfriend’s son in the new episode “Boy’s Best Friend.”

The Rookie: “Revelations”
ABC, 10pm

Officer Nolan’s (Nathan Fillion) decision to return to school in order to become a training officer is proving to be much harder than he expected. Meanwhile, Officer Chen (Melissa O’Neil) considers going into undercover work after getting a taste of the job when Harper’s (Mekia Cox) former colleague needs help. Guest starring is Brent Huff as Officer Smitty, Dylan Conrique as Tamara Colins, Arjay Smith as James Murray and Toks Olagundoye as Professor Fiona Ryan.

NCIS: New Orleans: “Into Thin Air”
CBS, 10pm

In the new episode “Into Thin Air,” Pride (Scott Bakula) and the team are on the hunt for a kidnapped 14-year-old and discover that her father — who will soon have custody of her — is a radical survivalist living off the grid.

Modern Marvels
History, 10pm
Season Premiere!

The series returns for Season 18 with a new focus and a new host — food author and culinary entrepreneur Adam Richman, who travels the country to behemoth factory lines and locally owned shops and goes behind the scenes of iconic brands to give an inside look into how our favorite foods are made. The premiere episode, “Cookies,” explores the origins, creation and all there is to know about one of America’s favorite go-to sweet treats.

Rush Limbaugh: His Words
FOX News Channel, 10pm

FOX News Channel airs this one-hour special dedicated to the life of radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh. Told by Limbaugh himself, this program takes an in-depth look at Limbaugh’s life and his impact on American society. In addition, FNC’s on-demand streaming service FOX Nation is now offering three specials on Limbaugh’s life: Conservatives: Rush Limbaugh, Hannity Special: Rush Limbaugh and Rush’s Final Interview on FOX.

Monday, Feb. 22

Social Society
New Series!

In January, AMC Networks’ streaming service formerly known as UMC was rebranded as ALLBLK, a platform that provides opportunity for Black creatives to showcase their work while giving fans of Black storytelling a fresh, new destination for enjoying it. One of those projects is the new series Social Society, a weekly variety talk show hosted and coproduced by actor and social media personality Kendall Kyndall that provides a fresh look into each week’s trending topics and social buzz, while also featuring exclusive sketch comedy. Each episode will invite a variety of influencers, lifestyle experts, and tastemakers to a virtual roundtable for pointed conversations about Black culture, education, race, politics, and everything in between. For more information on this show and other ALLBLK programming, visit

The Neighborhood: “Welcome to the Procedure”
CBS, 8pm

After going to the doctor for the first time in nearly a decade, Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) finds out he needs a routine colonoscopy in the new episode “Welcome to the Procedure.”

All American: “Teenage Love”
The CW, 8pm

With everything that has been going on, Spencer (Daniel Ezra) needs some alone time to clear his head and decides to go to the family cabin, but he gets a surprise visit from his friends. Everyone seems to be having fun, until secrets come out leaving some of the couples out of sorts with each other. Coop (Bre-Z) is still reeling from everything Spencer said, and with the urging of Patience (Chelsea Tavares), heads out to the cabin to confront Spencer.

9-1-1: “Jinx”
FOX, 8pm

The 118 believes a fabled firehouse superstition has come true when they deal with a never-ending series of bizarre emergency calls in the new episode “Jinx.”

100 Day Dream Home: “Big Move From the Big Apple”
HGTV, 8pm

Fun-loving couple Vanessa and Drew are tired of squeezing into their tiny apartment in Brooklyn, New York, so they have decided to make a big move to Florida to be closer to family. But helping this couple build their first real dream home is not without its challenges. Vanessa is more of a risk taker and loves edgy, modern design, while Drew prefers to play it safe. Not only do Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt have to help this couple agree on the design in 100 days, but they also have to do it remotely!

Pristine Seas: The Power of Protection
Nat Geo Wild, 8pm

For years the Pristine Seas project has helped protect nearly 2 million square miles of ocean. But only 7% of the ocean is protected — and it’s on the brink of collapse. Follow Enric Sala and his team of marine biologists and explorers as they travel from the coral reefs of Palau to the icebergs of the Russian Arctic to the kelp forests of the Juan Fernández Islands — in a race to save our ocean.

Ellen’s Game of Games: “Aw Snap, Crackle, Slop”
NBC, 8pm

Contestants play “Dizzy Dash,” new game “If I Could Turn Back Slime,” “Mt. Saint Ellen” and “Aw Snap.” The winner of each of the first four rounds moves on to “Know or Go” and that winner advances to “Hotter Hands” for a chance to win a cash prize. Another new Game of Games episode immediately follows.

Legends of the Pharaohs: “Egypt’s First Pyramid”
Smithsonian Channel, 8pm
New Series!

The legend of the world’s first pyramid involves a powerful pharaoh and a righthand man whose innovative idea to immortalize him would change the course of history. Discover the story of Djoser, who achieved god-like status after leading his country of 1 million citizens through a seven-year period of drought and famine. Then see how his adviser, Imhotep, set out to build a tomb worthy of his legacy — a construction project that would call for the mobilization of the entire country and influence the very fate of Egypt. What followed was the construction of the country’s first pyramid, a monument made of 850,000 tons of limestone instead of simple mudbrick and stacked to six levels instead of just one, creating a 200-foot-high stairway to the afterlife, a marvel of engineering that still inspires awe today.

My Brother’s Keeper
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

Brotherly love (among other emotions) and rivalry are the themes for tonight’s lineup of four films featuring stories about the relationships between various male siblings. Up first is the Best Picture Oscar-winning comedy/drama road movie Rain Man (1988), directed by Best Director Oscar winner Barry Levinson. It stars Tom Cruise as Charlie, a selfish young man who learns that his estranged father has died and left most of his large estate to his other son, Raymond (Best Actor Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman), an autistic savant whose existence was unknown to Charlie. Next is East of Eden (1955), Best Director Oscar nominee Elia Kazan’s drama about a wayward young man (Best Actor Oscar nominee James Dean in his first major screen role) who vies for his deeply religious father’s (Raymond Massey) affection against his favored brother (Richard Davalos). The lineup continues into late-night with the 1958 adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov, starring Yul Brynner, Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee Lee J. Cobb, William Shatner and Richard Basehart; and concludes with the acclaimed 1960 Italian drama Rocco and His Brothers.

All Rise: “Safe to Fall”
CBS, 9pm

In the new episode “Safe to Fall,” Emily (Jessica Camacho) and Sam (Audrey Corsa) face off in the courtroom in an emotionally gripping case that will determine the fate of a mentally ill young man who attacked his father.

9-1-1: Lone Star: “Everyone and Their Brother”
FOX, 9pm

Owen (Rob Lowe) and T.K. (Ronen Rubinstein) risk their lives to save two brothers trapped in a homemade minefield in the new episode “Everyone and Their Brother.”

Ty Breaker: “A Boxed-in Box of Boxes
HGTV, 9pm

Combining two different cultures and traditions can be amazing, but challenging, when you’re doing it in a tiny home with no logical layout. Sean and Jaanki love to host both their Italian and Indian families but doing it in their small house with too many walls is very difficult. They seek help from two experienced designers, Ty Pennington and Alison Victoria, who have to learn how to work together as they transform a home for this overwhelmed family.

Reclaiming History: Our Native Daughters
Smithsonian Channel, 9pm

This Black History Month special pulls back the curtain on one of today’s international musicians, Grammy Award winner Rhiannon Giddens, and her quest to continue to push boundaries by using music to explore powerful stories of Black American women’s experience — their struggles, resistance, resilience and hopes. The resulting album and concert tour electrify audiences and musicians alike, illuminating long overlooked history on a journey into our shared past.

Snowpiercer: “Keep Hope Alive”
TNT, 9pm

Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Miss Audrey (Lena Hall) make a risky play for Big Alice, but Wilford (Sean Bean) has his own plans.

American Greed: “Social Media Scam Artists”
CNBC, 10pm
Midseason Finale!

Crowdfunded charities are a modern way to raise funds for a good cause, but do you know where the money really goes? See how social media scammers prey on the kindness of strangers, using tragic or heart-warming stories to hook their victims — then empty their wallets.

The Wall: “Team USA Celebration: Apolo and Bianca”
NBC, 10pm

The Wall celebrates NBC’s upcoming coverage of the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer with this episode in which two-time gold-medal speed skater Apolo Ohno and his fiancée, Bianca Stam, take on The Wall to raise huge amounts of money for the Team USA Fund, supporting future Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Tuesday, Feb. 23

The List of Ten

In 2010, a probation officer conducts a routine check on 76-year-old Joseph Naso, in Reno, Nevada. During a search of Naso’s home for probation violations, the officer finds a shocking cache of materials: thousands of pictures of women in hosiery, mannequins dressed in lingerie and a journal recounting dozens of sexual assaults. But the most important piece of evidence found is Naso’s “List of Ten,” a handwritten list with 10 cryptic entries of vague locations, but no names or dates. Investigators fear that they have stumbled upon a hidden serial killer and his list of victims completely by chance. Working against time, investigators have one year to decode the list before Naso goes free.

NBA Basketball
TNT, beginning at 7:30pm Live

TNT’s NBA doubleheader has the Boston Celtics on the road against the Dallas Mavericks, followed by the Portland Trail Blazers in Denver for a matchup against the Nuggets.

Superman & Lois
The CW, 8pm
New Series!

The golden couple of comic books returns to television — and now they’re parents! Clark Kent aka Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) balance saving the world with parenting their two teen sons.

Young Rock: “On the Road Again”
NBC, 8pm

A new episode of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s semi-autobiographical sitcom debuts tonight.

Star of the Month: John Garfield
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

Turner Classic Movies ends its Tuesday night salute to famed actor John Garfield with eight more of his memorable film roles. The evening begins with three terrific war films made during World War II that feature Garfield as characters in various branches of the military — Pride of the Marines (1945), in which the actor portrays real-life U.S. Marine Al Schmid in a story re-creating Schmid’s heroic stand against a Japanese attack at Guadalcanal; Destination Tokyo (1943), the Oscar-nominated submarine thriller costarring Cary Grant; and Howard Hawks’ Oscar-winning Air Force (1943), whose story is based on a real incident that occurred at Pearl Harbor on the day of its attack. Also tonight: the Oscar-nominated spy film The Fallen Sparrow (1943), costarring Maureen O’Hara; another spy flick, Dangerously They Live (1941); Flowing Gold (1940), an oilfield-set adventure film; Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943), a musical comedy created as a fundraiser for the war effort, with Garfield making a guest appearance as himself and singing “My Mama Done Tol’ Me” (Garfield and the film’s many other stars donated their salaries to the Hollywood Canteen club for servicemen, which he cofounded with Bette Davis); and the Oscar-nominated musical romantic comedy Hollywood Canteen (1944), with Garfield again appearing as himself, talking about the history of the club with Davis.

TLC, 8pm
Season Premiere!

America’s first all-female quintuplets are growing up fast! With Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker and Hazel rapidly approaching their fifth birthday, and big sister Blayke about to enter tweendom, parents Danielle and Adam Busby are racing to keep up.

Kenan: “Hard News”
NBC, 8:30pm

Kenan Thompson’s new sitcom premieres its second episode tonight. Don Johnson and Chris Redd costar.

President Biden’s First Address to Congress
Various Networks, 9pm Live

President Joe Biden will give his first public address before a joint session of Congress in the Chamber of the House of Representatives in the U.S. Capitol tonight. The speech will be similar to a State of the Union address, though it is not referred to as such in the case of a first-time president’s initial address. Presiding over the joint session will be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris in her capacity as President of the Senate. This marks the first time that two women serving as presiding officers will sit on the rostrum during a joint session address. Most news networks will likely cover this address live, along with offering pre- and post-speech commentary.

Home Again With the Fords: “A Fresh Start”
HGTV, 9pm

A New Yorker moving back to Pittsburgh purchased her grandfather’s old property in hopes of making a fresh start with her son. Leanne and Steve Ford take on the challenge of turning the ’60s-meets-’80s house into a modern, natural home for their new beginning.

Superman & Lois: Legacy of Hope
The CW, 9:30pm

This special takes fans behind the scenes and features sneak peeks and interviews from the cast and executive producers of the new series Superman & Lois, plus special guests discussing the legacy of the Man of Steel.

Assembly Required
History, 10pm
New Series!

This 10-episode competition series reunites Home Improvement stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn, who both serve as hosts and executive producers. In the show, Allen and Karn are sounding the call for those with a can-do attitude to take back their sense of purpose and awaken their inner builder. The series will spotlight the best and brightest builders from across the country at their home workshops as they compete to breathe new life into everyday household items in desperate need of fixing. Each contestant will be pushed to the limit while testing their ability and ingenuity to not only rebuild the items but to build them better. In each episode, Allen and Karn will also dive into the unique history around these items to celebrate the men and women who crafted them, and the techniques used.

Nurses: “Lady Business”
NBC, 10pm
Season Finale!

Grace (Tiera Skovbye) goes public with her claims against Dr. Hamilton (Peter Stebbings); Wolf (Donald MacLean Jr.) takes a stand when Red (Ryan Blakely) endangers the life of a patient; Ash (Natasha Calis) confronts Sinead (Cathy White) about her drinking problem; and Naz (Sandy Sidhu) coaches Keon (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) when he receives life-changing news from Dr. Banks (Nicola Correia-Damude).

Wednesday, Feb. 24

Design Star: Next Gen
New Series!

In this high-stakes competition series inspired by HGTV Design Star, the most successful and highest-rated franchise in HGTV history, $50,000 cash and a shot at their own show are waiting to turn one breakout renovation and design expert’s life upside down. Hosted by Allison Holker Boss, the six-episode series features eight gifted designers, renovators and social media brand-builders as they compete in intense weekly challenges. During the series, head judge Jonathan Adler is joined by designer Lauren Makk and a rotating cast of celebrity guest experts. Design Star: Next Gen premieres on discovery+ with a special 90-minute episode earlier today before also airing this evening on HGTV.

Canine Intervention
New Series!

This series follows renowned Oakland dog trainer Jas Leverette as he runs Cali K9, one of the top dog-training facilities in California. Each episode will feature Jas as he uses his unique training methods and techniques to help a variety of dogs and their owners fix the canines’ obedience and behavior issues. Jas works with all breeds; he’s never turned a dog away and he can correct even the most extreme behavior issues.

NHL Hockey
NBCSN, beginning at 7pm Live

NBCSN’s Wednesday Night Hockey doubleheader has the N.Y. Rangers at the Philadelphia Flyers, followed by the L.A. Kings at the St. Louis Blues.

Riverdale: “Chapter Eighty-Two: Back to School”
The CW, 8pm

Archie (KJ Apa), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) prepare for their first day as Riverdale High’s newest teachers. Veronica introduces her husband Chad (guest star Chris Mason) to the group after he shows up unexpectedly in Riverdale. After realizing they are out of funds, Archie and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) turn to Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) for help restarting the football and cheer teams.

TCM Spotlight: Noteworthy African American Performances
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

As Black History Month nears its end, Turner Classic Movies offers one more evening of films featuring great performances from Black actors. First is Take a Giant Step (1959), a coming-of-age drama starring Johnny Nash (who would later become more famous as a singer, especially with his hit “I Can See Clearly Now”) as a Black teenager living in a predominantly white area who starts to become more aware of the realities of racism and its impact on his life as he is growing older. The film’s cast also includes Golden Globe nominee Estelle Hemsley and Ruby Dee. After that is the Best Picture Oscar-nominated A Soldier’s Story (1984), starring Howard E. Rollins Jr. as a Black military officer and lawyer assigned to investigate the murder of a Black sergeant on a military base in the Jim Crow South near the end of World War II. Next is Sparkle (1976), a musical drama about a girl group inspired by the history of the Supremes. The cast is led by breakout star Irene Cara, who would later record several chart-topping hit songs, and also includes future Miami Vice costar Philip Michael Thomas, Lonette McKee and Dorian Harewood. The evening ends with Broken Strings (1940), a rare-for-its-time film featuring an all-Black cast led by cowriter Clarence Muse, who portrays a concert violinist who turns to teaching after his fingers become paralyzed following an accident. There is also family drama of a generational sort as the violinist’s classical music sensibilities clash with his son’s leanings toward modern swing music.

FX, 10pm
Season Premiere!

The 10-episode fourth season of Snowfall premieres with two episodes tonight. The series picks up in 1985, and reelected President Ronald Reagan has proclaimed it “morning again in America.” In South Central Los Angeles, however, it feels more like the sun is getting low. Business is booming for drug dealers like Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), but the American public and politicians are calling for a major escalation in the war on drugs.

Baroness von Sketch Show
IFC, 12am (late-night)
New Episodes!

The second part of the fifth and final season of this all-female Canadian sketch comedy series begins tonight.

Thursday, Feb. 25

New Series!

This weekly, six-episode original sitcom on the new ALLBLK streaming service is centered on the lives of four 20-something roommates and their neighbors across the hall as they navigate the chaos of being young and finding success, and themselves, in Los Angeles. Kyle Massey, Keraun Harris, Philip Bolden, Aaron Grady, Teresa Celeste, Buddy Lewis and Katherine Florence star.

Talking Dead: “Home Sweet Home”
New Episodes!

With The Walking Dead back with new Season 10 episodes, this aftershow is also back, streaming here Thursdays ahead of its Sunday night airings on the linear AMC network. Tonight’s premiere recaps the new episode that began streaming on AMC+ last Sunday, and which hits AMC this Sunday.

Luda Can’t Cook

In this special, hip-hop star Ludacris gets schooled in the kitchen by James Beard Award-nominated Chef Meherwan Irani so he can up his culinary game with international flavors and techniques, particularly Indian dishes. “I absolutely love food and have always appreciated the art of cooking, but I can’t lie — I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen,” admits Ludacris. “I’m on a mission to change that and master one cuisine at a time — it’s going to be delicious.”

Punky Brewster
New Series!

Following its generally well-received revival of the ’90s sitcom Saved by the Bell, NBC has revisited its vault and is similarly bringing back this ’80s sitcom about a bright young girl raised by a foster dad for a Peacock revival. Soleil Moon Frye, who played the title character in the original as a child, reprises her role here and is also an executive producer. Punky is now a single mother of three trying to get her life back on track when she meets Izzy (Quinn Copeland), a young girl in the foster system who reminds Punky a lot of her younger self. Original costar Cherie Johnson reprises her role as Cherie, and the series also stars Freddie Prinze Jr., Noah Cottrell, Oliver De Los Santos and Lauren Lindsey Donzis.

NBA Basketball
TNT, beginning at 7pm Live

The Philadelphia 76ers play host to the Dallas Mavericks, and the New Orleans Pelicans are in Milwaukee for a meeting with the Bucks.

Young Sheldon: “Crappy Frozen Ice Cream and an Organ Grinder’s Monkey”
CBS, 8pm
Guest Star Alert!

Sheldon (Iain Armitage) and George Sr. (Lance Barber) dine with President Hagemeyer (guest star Wendie Malick) and a university benefactor. Guest star Reba McEntire returns as June in the new episode “Crappy Frozen Ice Cream and an Organ Grinder’s Monkey.”

Hell’s Kitchen: “Crapping Out in Hell”
FOX, 8pm

In the new episode “Crapping Out in Hell,” the chefs are treated to a balancing-act performance, then they roll dice to choose ingredients for their dishes.

Flipping Across America: “Foundational Flips
HGTV, 8pm

In Fort Worth, Texas, Andy and Ashley Williams (Flip or Flop Ft. Worth) work on a big, corner lot house with some cracks that hint at serious structural damage. Meanwhile, Jon and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin (Going for Sold) deal with major foundation issues while flipping a home in one of Houston’s hottest neighborhoods.

Mr. Mayor: “#PalmTreeReform”
NBC, 8pm

Neil’s (Ted Danson) plan to save the city money on palm tree maintenance meets unexpected resistance. Meanwhile, Tommy (Mike Cabellon) and Mikaela (Vella Lovell) don’t believe Jayden (Bobby Moynihan) when he announces he’s going to be a father.

TCM Spotlight: Kiss Connection
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

TCM’s final Thursday evening lineup of romantic films connected by certain actors starts with 1942’s The Palm Beach Story, starring Joel McCrea (who ended last week’s Kiss Connection) and Claudette Colbert. Also tonight: Boom Town (1940, Claudette Colbert/Clark Gable); Mogambo (1953, Clark Gable/Ava Gardner); Knights of the Round Table (1953, Ava Gardner/Robert Taylor); Camille (1937, Robert Taylor/Greta Garbo); Ninotchka (1939, Greta Garbo/Melvyn Douglas); and 1936’s Theodora Goes Wild, starring Melvyn Douglas and Irene Dunne, who was featured in the first Kiss Connection title earlier this month.

B Positive: “B Negative”
CBS, 8:30pm

Drew (Thomas Middleditch) and Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) start thinking about their futures after Jerry (David Anthony Higgins) gets a surprise call that he’s receiving a new kidney in the new episode “B Negative.”

Superstore: “Depositions”
NBC, 8:30pm

With Carol’s (Irene White) lawyer at Cloud 9 to depose the employees, Jonah (Ben Feldman) tries to ease Glenn’s (Mark McKinney) nerves. Meanwhile, Mateo (Nico Santos) enlists Sandra’s (Kaliko Kauahi) help hiding the details of his work arrangement, and Dina (Lauren Ash) grows concerned about Garrett’s (Colton Dunn) behavior at Customer Service.

Mom: “Whip-Its and Emotionally Attuned Babies”
CBS, 9pm

Bonnie (Allison Janney) has success creating a line of mocktails for Adam’s (William Fichtner) bar. Also, Jill (Jaime Pressly) finds herself attracted to Bonnie’s therapist, Trevor (returning guest star Rainn Wilson), in the new episode “Whip-Its and Emotionally Attuned Babies.”

Call Me Kat: “First Date”
FOX, 9pm

Kat (Mayim Bialik) deals with nerves over her date with Oscar (guest star Christopher Rivas) in the new episode “First Date.”

MTV Floribama Shore
MTV, 9pm
Season Premiere!

For the first time ever, everyone’s favorite group of rowdy Southerners will trade in the Florida sun for the mountains of Montana and the sunshine of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. After an explosive summer in St. Pete last season, castmates Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice and Gus Smyrnios will reunite once again for their annual trip, but things will look different this year. With limited access to the outside world at their remote location, the group is forced to face the wounds of last summer head on.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: “The Only Way Out Is Through”
NBC, 9pm

Benson (Mariska Hargitay) helps two sisters get closure from a harrowing childhood assault. Meanwhile, Kat’s (Jamie Gray Hyder) cousin reaches out for help.

The Unicorn: “In Memory Of…”
CBS, 9:30pm

In the new episode “In Memory Of…,” a memorial to honor Wade’s (Walton Goggins) wife leaves Natalie (Makenzie Moss) realizing that memories of her mom are starting to fade.

Last Man Standing: “Grill in the Mist”
FOX, 9:30pm

Mike (Tim Allen) and Kristin (Amanda Fuller) are forced to make some tough business decisions in the wake of the pandemic in the new episode “Grill in the Mist.”

Clarice: “Are You Alright?”
CBS, 10pm

In the new episode “Are You Alright?,” Clarice (Rebecca Breeds) must prove she is fit for duty by getting a confession out of the suspect in the three river murders.

She’s the Boss
USA Network, 10:30pm
New Series!

This new “docu-comedy” series follows Nicole Walters — an ambitious, jet-setting entrepreneur who runs a multimillion-dollar marketing empire — and her husband, Josh Walters, a quirky and devoted stay-at-home lawyer. The modern-day family is made complete with the couples’ three lovely adopted daughters and Eddie, Nicole’s over-the-top executive assistant and best friend. Although Nicole has conquered the business world, she and Josh are learning on the fly that parenthood isn’t always as easy as it seems, and the Walterses work to juggle family, careers, obstacles, laughter and love. Faced with the never-ending entrepreneur laundry list and all the demands that come with being a wife and mother of three, can Nicole learn to find the perfect balance and truly have it all?

Friday, Feb. 26

Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry
Apple TV+

Award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler’s (Belushi, American High) documentary tells the true coming-of-age story of singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and her rise to global superstardom. The film offers a deeply intimate look at this extraordinary teenager’s journey as she, at just age 17, navigates life on the road, onstage and at home with her family, while writing, recording and releasing her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Dickinson: “You Cannot Put a Fire Out”
Apple TV+
Season Finale!

Season 2 of the Peabody Award-winning half-hour comedy/drama that audaciously explores the constraints of society, gender and family from the perspective of rebellious young 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) concludes. The series will return for Season 3.

Losing Alice
Apple TV+
Season Finale!

This cinematic series from Israel described as an “erotic, psychological neo-noir drama thriller” and which is a female version of the famous tale of Faust and his deal with the devil, concludes its first season with this episode. Ayelet Zurer and Lihi Kornowski star.

Paranormal Caught on Camera: “Kentucky Poltergeist and More”
Season Premiere!

A Kentucky woman hires an empath to rid her home of a pesky poltergeist; a terrifying creature holes up in a barn at night; a Russian cosmonaut spots a UFO over Antarctica; and more.

Tom & Jerry
Feature Film Exclusive!

The animated cat and mouse get new life and continue their ongoing battle in this live-action/CGI film directed by Tim Story. Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney and Ken Jeong star alongside the toons.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday
Original Film!

Singer-songwriter Andra Day makes her acting debut as legendary jazz musician Billie Holiday in Lee Daniels’ biopic chronicling how, beginning in the 1940s in New York City, the federal government targeted Holiday in a growing effort to escalate and racialize the war on drugs, ultimately aiming to stop her from singing her controversial and heart-wrenching ballad, “Strange Fruit.”

Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers
New Series!

IMDb TV — Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming service available as an app on Amazon’s Fire TV, as a free option on Amazon Prime Video Channels and on Roku platforms — debuts this six-part docuseries from executive producer LeBron James that follows the titular high school basketball dynasty from California during their 2019-20 season as they strived for a third straight state championship.

Crazy About Her (Loco por Ella)
Original Film!

After a magical one-night stand with cryptic and enigmatic Carla (Susana Abaitua), Adri (Álvaro Cervantes) decides to admit himself to the mental institution where Carla resides in order to see her again, but he will soon discover that checking himself out will not be as easy as he thought.

Escape From New York
IFC, 2:45pm
Catch a Classic!

Cowriter/director John Carpenter’s influential 1981 sci-fi/action cult classic takes place in a dystopian “future” 1997, when the island of Manhattan has been turned into a maximum-security prison. After Air Force One is hijacked and purposely crashed in New York City, ex-Special Forces soldier and current federal prison inmate Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell in one of his most iconic roles) is given just 24 hours to infiltrate New York and safely extract the president (Donald Pleasence) in exchange for a pardon. Also starring among the terrific cast are Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Isaac Hayes, Harry Dean Stanton and Adrienne Barbeau, and the action is further heightened by the synth-prominent musical score composed by Carpenter and Alan Howarth that manages to sound both very ’80s and of the future.

NBA Basketball
ESPN, beginning at 7:30pm Live

A twin bill of NBA action on ESPN has Domantas Sabonis and the Indiana Pacers on the road against Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics, followed by Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers in Los Angeles to collide with LeBron James and the defending champion Lakers.

Shark Tank
ABC, 8pm

First into the Tank are two friends from Mandeville, Louisiana, who introduce their bedding product designed to help bed-making more convenient. A trio of entrepreneurs from Hyattsville, Maryland, are on a mission to create a healthy lifestyle for families with their delicious plant-based take on a classic favorite food. An entrepreneur from New York City shows the Sharks an easy way to walk your dog without tracking dirt and germs, while another entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, presents her fun educational app designed to help kids learn coding.

Frozen in Time: Flashback
HGTV, 8pm

In the first of two episodes, “Livin’ La Villa Loca,” Frozen in Time stars Maureen McCormick and Dan Vickery know it’s a huge undertaking to renovate and modernize homes stuck in the past and so do their HGTV friends. In this episode, Maureen and Dan watch as siblings Leanne and Steve Ford of Restored by the Fords transform a drab ’70s Spanish villa into a dream home with a vacation vibe; Desert Flippers Eric and Lindsey Bennett bring back the best in a ’50s house and give it some modern twists; Hidden Potential’s Jasmine Roth removes a “dance floor” from the middle of a dated dining room; and Tamara Day of Bargain Mansions discovers a bedroom with a clown mural. In “Never to Forever Home,” Maureen and Dan explore a dark 1979 house that Home Town’s Ben and Erin Napier convert into a New Orleans-style forever home; a beige ’80s house that Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell of Boise Boys transform by moving a fireplace to show off a killer view; a home that Hidden Potential’s Jasmine Roth brings California cool vibes to for a young family; and a home with a Stone Age vibe given a full overhaul by the Good Bones duo Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E Laine.

Brutal Bridesmaids
LMN, 8pm
Original Film!

After becoming engaged to Michael (Kevin A. Walton), a handsome and successful businessman, Jessica (Zoila Garcia) selects her five best girlfriends to be her bridesmaids. However, when the group gets together, they find themselves letting old wounds and jealousy get in the way of bonding as they all compete over Jessica’s friendship. When mysterious accidents and illnesses start to inflict the group, Jessica fears one of her bridesmaids may not have her best interest at heart.

The Blacklist: “Ogden Greeley”
NBC, 8pm

The Task Force investigates the apparent disappearance of a defense contractor, Cooper (Harry Lennix) receives an unexpected offer and Red (James Spader) makes a connection.

Starring Laurence Harvey
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

British actor Laurence Harvey (born in Lithuania as Zvi Mosheh Skikne) only lived to age 45, but in that short time he was able to star in a number of memorable performances, three of which are featured in tonight’s lineup. The evening begins with a movie featuring perhaps Harvey’s most famous role, as traumatically brainwashed war veteran and potential assassin Raymond Shaw in the classic political thriller The Manchurian Candidate (1962), alongside Frank Sinatra and Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Angela Lansbury, who delivers a truly chilling villainous performance. Next, Harvey costars as the married lover of Best Actress Oscar winner Elizabeth Taylor’s call girl character in the 1960 drama BUtterfield 8. Finally, he and Kim Novak lead the 1964 British adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham’s classic novel Of Human Bondage.

Hip Hop Uncovered
FX, 9pm
Series Finale!

In the finale of the documentary series Hip Hop Uncovered, the genre reaches new heights with the emergence of Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, French Montana, Nipsey Hussle and Waka Flocka, and 50 Cent changes the face of rap music. With money flooding in, hip-hop faces a choice: Will it continue to be the voice of the streets or will it fall prey to corporate greed?

Painting With John
HBO, 11pm
Season Finale!

The first season of this quirky unscripted series starring John Lurie comes to a close.

Saturday, Feb. 27

Ghost Nation: “Tortured Soul Asylum”
Season Finale!

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and Shari DeBenedetti continue their extended investigation of Harrisburg State Hospital. Joined by Hawes’ daughters Sam and Satori, the team uses their unique approach and high-tech gear to peel away the layers of the haunted property’s past. They suspect the former asylum’s dark and disturbing history might be the root of the intense paranormal activity that could soon threaten the surrounding community when the buildings are demolished.

A Wild Year on Earth
BBC America, 8pm
Season Finale!

A Wild Year on Earth wraps up with the season finale “Full Circle,” which follows Monarch butterflies migrating to the forests of Mexico, the rains providing relief to parched Southern Africa, and the warmer waters off Australia triggering the annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

College Basketball: Baylor at Kansas
ESPN, 8pm Live

Two of the nation’s elite teams are in action tonight at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas, as the Baylor Bears visit the Jayhawks in a key Big 12 matchup.

Girl in the Basement
Lifetime, 8pm
Original Film!

Inspired by actual events, Girl in the Basement is the horrific story of Sara (Stefanie Scott), a vibrant teen girl looking forward to her 18th birthday so she can move away from her controlling father Don (Judd Nelson). But before she can blow out the candles, Don imprisons her in the basement of their home. While Don tries to convince wife Irene (Joely Fisher) that Sara ran away, he secretly visits her in the basement to torture and rape her while Irene and her sister Amy (Emily Topper) continue living upstairs.

Dances With Wolves
TCM, 8pm
Catch a Classic!

Winner of seven of the 12 Academy Awards for which it was nominated, including Best Picture, this 1990 Western masterpiece stars Best Director Oscar winner Kevin Costner in a Best Actor Oscar-nominated performance as John Dunbar, a Civil War soldier who requests a transfer to the Western frontier. Alone at his post, Dunbar befriends a nearby group of Lakota Sioux, slowly becoming accepted into their culture and seen as a warrior they call “Dances With Wolves.” When the Army returns, Dunbar finds himself torn between two worlds, and must decide where his allegiance lies. Mary McDonnell was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Dunbar’s love interest, Stands With a Fist, the white adopted daughter of the tribe’s medicine man, Kicking Bird (Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee Graham Greene). Michael Blake won an Oscar for the screenplay adaptation of his novel, while John Barry’s sweeping, epic musical score also took home an Oscar.

NBA Basketball: Dallas at Brooklyn
ABC, 8:30pm Live

Luka Dončić and the Dallas Mavericks head east to clash with Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets on ABC’s Saturday NBA primetime matchup.

It Was Always You
Hallmark Channel, 9pm
Original Film!

Elizabeth’s engagement plans are thrown into disarray when her fiancé’s free-spirited brother David returns home. David’s unexpected influence prompts Elizabeth to question her life decisions. Stars Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes.