5 Questions With Jason Biggs of FOX’s ‘Cherries Wild’

Jason Biggs, host of FOX's game show Cherries Wild FOX

During our interview with Jason Biggs, the host of the new Cherries Wild on FOX (premiering Feb. 14), he called this a “golden age of game show television,” and it’s hard to disagree. Game shows are all over primetime, and this year they’re a bright spot in what can otherwise be a dark schedule. Cherries Wild follows a team of two as they answer trivia questions in hopes of spinning a giant slot machine to hopefully win $250,000. Biggs looks to be the perfect mix of lighthearted fun and relatability as host. We caught up with him to ask our “5 Questions.”

  1. What were some of your favorite game shows growing up?

Boy, that’s a tough one. There were so many good ones. I loved Hollywood Squares, because there were some real funny people that they had. … The higher the stakes, obviously, the more exciting it could be. But you need comedy. My favorite game shows were the ones where you could really laugh.

  1. What is a movie you never get tired of watching?

Really, anything Scorsese. There’s so many movies you could be flipping through and they could come on and you could be two hours, an hour and a half in and you go, “Well, there’s only a half-hour left of the movie. That’s a bummer. I’ll just keep flipping.” But the thing about a Scorsese movie is even if you’re already an hour and a half into the movie, you’ve still got at least another hour and a half left. You haven’t even hit the big climax.

  1. What are three things you need to have in your fridge or pantry?

One of the things that I’ve loved a lot lately that when I start to run out, I start to freak out and have to make sure I order more is Kewpie mayo. It’s a Japanese mayonnaise. It’s not quite Miracle Whip, but it’s something else and I am obsessed with it. … Whole beans, coffee beans, always make sure that I have enough. I usually order three or four pounds at a time. … And then a good olive oil. I cook a lot, so there’s always pasta.

  1. How good are you at answering pop culture questions?

I’ve got to tell you, I’m not so bad. I really feel like there was one or two questions that definitely stumped me through the filming of the show that I remember. Maybe there were more, but one or two definitely stood out to me that I was like, “Oh boy, I don’t know that I would get that right.”

  1. Who would you pick as your trivia partner?

Well, in order to stay married to the mother of my children, I’d probably have to pick Jenny. Now, if I really wanted to get the best pop culture trivia person on my side, I don’t know that it would be her. She’s pretty good, but I find myself knowing a lot more than her.