Lots to Love and Learn From Dr. Q of E!’s New All-Female “Dr. 90210”


E!’s new Dr. 90210 (Mondays 10/9c beginning Sept. 28) features quite a colorful cast of trailblazing, female plastic surgeons. The show is a bit Botched meets Real Housewives Plastic Surgeons as cameras take us inside the offices of four plastic surgeons — Dr. Cat Begovic, Dr. Kelly Killeen, Dr. Michelle Lee and Dr. Suzanne Quardt — to follow their patients and demanding schedules, as well as go inside their homelife. From excess skin removal, third-breast extraction and a double mastectomy to facial cysts and post-childbirth vaginal rejuvenations, these surgeons are proving a woman’s touch can go beyond skin deep.

We talked with Dr. 90210‘s Dr. Suzanne Quardt (call her Dr. Q), who specializes in everything from the “snooter to the cooter.” Dr. Q is sure to be the series’ standout for her candor and vivacious personality, here’s what she had to share.

On the mix of doctors:
Dr. Q: “Some are still establishing themselves like Dr. Lee, she’s young and vibrant. And then Dr. Kelly does a lot of reconstructive breast surgery, and then myself and Dr. Cat have a little more established aesthetic practices. So you kind of have this timeline of women in different time periods in their exciting careers. So you get that neat perspective.”

As for the personality of the group:
“There’s never been a show about all female plastic surgeons … only 15% of board-certified plastic surgeons are women. … I’ve been involved pretty much from the beginning and now I’m the OG of the group. I got to keep up with these young bitches. You know what I mean?”

About the types of surgeries/treatments covered:
“There’s going to be rhinoplasty. Facial mask cases. Body make-overs after massive weight loss. Mommy makeovers. There’s going to be vaginal rejuvenation after having babies. I mean, you’re going to see amazing breast surgery, and surgery after cancer. We kind of cover the gamut. I think that’s another really great thing about having four women plastic surgeons with a little bit different practices, because then you get, depending on what we each specialize in, you get to see everything. … I feel like people will be amazed and inspired, but you will also be wildly entertained.”

On cameras capturing their homelife:
“You’re going to see it all. … I thought it was important, especially for young girls growing up, to see what our personal lives are like. … They say that a surgeon is at least 10 years or more delayed from starting their practice and making money than like just about any other profession because of all the years of training. So you’ve missed your 20s and 30s by training. So we start families a little later. I got married at like 38, much later. I thought that was an important thing for viewers to watch. Because my dream, just so you know, was to have a reality show that I could be proud to watch with my daughter. And I think this is it.”

Dr. 90210 returns to E! with an all-new female cast beginning Monday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c.


  1. Dr Q made me purchase some of her creams after a laser peel. The peel was fine but the creams gave my 2-3 degree burns. I’ve never been so miserable. When she got back in town after 5 days, she saw how miserable I was and in great pain. her comment to me was “shit happens”. She never apologized for the burns or for her comment. My girlfriend went to her for something about her face and she would never go back either. My experience as a patient of hers was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE

  2. I watched the episode where Dr Q gave her husband shots to regrow his hair. Seeing I live in Arizona and can’t just pop in for an appointment can you please tell me what that procedure can cost. I am really interested in it for I’m living on social security and surviving month to month. Thanks for your time.

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