Lara Logan Reports on ‘America’s Veterans’ in Memorial Day Series

FOX Nation

On Friday, May 22, FOX News Channel’s streaming platform, FOX Nation, debuts Season 3 of Lara Logan Has No Agenda, hosted by investigative reporter, former 60 Minutes journalist and war correspondent Lara Logan.

The four-part season, titled “America’s Veterans,” showcases the current state of affairs for America’s veterans, including some serving overseas in a humanitarian effort, some who are thriving in businesses that aid other vets, and some who are still searching for peace in their postwar lives.

During the Memorial Day event from Friday through Monday, $5 from each new FOX Nation subscription purchase will be donated to Folds of Honor.

Logan shared her insights on the “America’s Veterans” episodes, which premiere with Part 1 on Friday and continue with Parts 2-4 on Monday through Wednesday:

Part 1: A Warrior’s Faith (Friday) Logan interviews Dave Eubank, director of the Free Burma Rangers, a multi-ethnic humanitarian organization providing aid and supplies to civilians in war zones. The Free Burma Rangers provided assistance in the 2017 military operation Battle for Mosul to recapture the Iraqi city from the Islamic State. “I do not have any idea how he is still alive,” Logan says of Eubank’s willingness to provide aid to others in some of the world’s most dangerous places. He’s also a window into what’s happening in these conflicts that aren’t frequently being covered by the media. “Through his experience and through understanding what he’s doing, we get the most up-to-date visual understanding of what is happening in these wars today. Because otherwise we’re not getting it.”

Part 2: A Hot Cup of Freedom (Monday) In Salt Lake City, Logan meets the co-founders of Black Rifle Coffee Company, a veteran-owned business serving up coffee and culture alongside their American values. During the episode, co-founders Evan Hafer and Mat Best will explain how their military backgrounds paved the way for their journey as business owners. Additionally, Logan is joined by a Black Rifle Coffee employee and former Afghan special forces commander who was hired after fleeing from the Taliban. “They really lived by the principles that they say they believe in,” Logan says of Black Rifle’s mission. “They know who they are and they don’t hide from that. They don’t try to do the politically correct thing, and they don’t try to do the safe corporate thing.” Black Rifle Coffee’s YouTube channel is full of funny, irreverent and sometimes boundary-pushing videos. “[Mat Best] is very thoughtful and he’s extremely smart,” Logan says. “There’s not a corporation in America that wouldn’t want to hire a guy like that.”

Part 3: The Price We Pay (Tuesday) In California, Logan speaks with a group of veterans who are surfing the waves in order to cope with their injuries, both physical and mental. Additionally, Logan will interview Marine Corps veteran and documentarian Dustin Jones to share his story and discuss the increasing veteran suicide rate. “You can see how [veterans’] sense of alienation becomes isolation,” Logan says. “And once they start to isolate, they plummet.” Organizations like Operation Amped help veterans through the social engagement and recreational therapy that surfing provides.

Part 4: Leave No One Behind (Wednesday) Logan talks with a musician who wrote about the Angel Flights of those killed overseas, a Vietnam veteran on a mission to fulfill our nation’s promise and a son searching for his missing military father. The song “Angel Flight,” written by Texas singer/songwriters Darden Smith and Radney Foster, is a touching tribute to fallen soldiers as told from the perspective of a pilot flying the transport plane bringing the soldier home. “That flight, knowing that you’re bringing someone home for the last time, this is the last journey that they’re going to make, and what that means — it touches a lot of people in this country,” Logan says. “I knew the songwriters, and I’d always wanted to find a way to do something with them, and this was perfect.” Smith is co-founder and creative director of SongwritingWith:Soldiers (SW:S), which helps veterans through “collaborative songwriting to expand creativity, connections, and strengths.”

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