You’re It! FOX’s ‘Ultimate Tag’ Is a High-Octane Take on the Schoolyard Game

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The NFL’s Watt brothers know a lot about chasing and being chased. They do it for a living.

The trio of siblings from Wisconsin — defensive end J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans, and linebacker T.J. and fullback Derek of the Pittsburgh Steelers — host FOX’s competition series Ultimate Tag (Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT beginning May 20), a high-octane, high-stakes version of the timeless playground game.

In each weekly episode, contestants from every walk of life must navigate a course of moving and stationary obstacles, using all their mental and physical skills to evade the Taggers, who are released into the course at different intervals. The Taggers are elite athletes possessing abilities ranging from lightning speed to parkour tactics. As the contestants advance, they’ll face increasingly more difficult courses and challenges in pursuit of getting to the championship and the cash prize that awaits the winner.

“Everyone has played it, just never quite like this,” J.J. posted on Twitter. “We found some of the best athletes on the planet (and a few of the weirdest & most psycho) and put them in our own massive jungle gym. Just one rule: Don’t. Get. Caught.”

And possibly one more: No tag backs.

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