Watch David Ury Turn Classic TV Theme Songs Into Dramatic Monologues

David Ury/YouTube

With most TV and movie productions shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, actors have been finding lots of clever ways to keep busy and productive — and audition — while stuck at home. I think we’ve found our favorite so far.

David Ury — of Breaking Bad, Lodge 49 and Netflix’s Outer Banks — has been doing a series of dramatic interpretations of classic ’70s and ’80s sitcom theme songs. You’ll recognize the themes from Flipper, Silver Spoons, One Day at a Time, and others. But you’ve never seen or heard them like this.

In the monologues, Ury performs an offbeat interpretation of the song’s lyrics. The Flipper theme becomes a back-alley informant spilling the name and whereabouts of a cunning, elusive dolphin. The Facts of Life theme is presented as a stern oratory by a Shakespearean villain. And a psychopath speaks ominously of a place where “the kisses are hers and hers … and his!” while beckoning us to come and knock on its door.

Check out the full playlist of Ury’s quarantine monologues here:

We can’t wait until he gets around to the Sesame Street theme.

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