Now Available On Demand: Underwater

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Miles below the surface of the ocean in the Mariana Trench, a research and drilling facility is shaken by an earthquake, causing irreparable damage. And that is just the beginning of our voyage to the depths of these murky waters.

Anomalies exist everywhere in the world. Strange tremors, weather phenomena and unexplained occurrences dot our landscape, but for the crew at Kepler Center, Tian Industries’ command and control center for the Roebuck deep water drill site, the latest anomalies put Norah (Kristen Stewart) and her colleagues on the run. Together they work to exit the mazelike facility and find an escape pod to return to the surface, all while not knowing what lies around them.

As a small number of crew members find each other and the captain (Vincent Cassel), they try to avoid the casualties as well as the unknown — just what caused this disaster and can they escape?

Stewart proves worthy as an action star in this film, but it is a film that feels lost in the depths with a story that I felt was as murky as the water. We jump right into the race to freedom, as nothing I’ve given away in the first paragraph or so happens after 10 minutes into this film.

Underwater enlists T.J. Miller to provide comic relief and includes other inhabitants who attempt to give the film an Alien underwater atmosphere. The approach to setting the tone works, at times, but the dark and dingy look within the cavernous structure below the surface just doesn’t create an engaging sci-fi classic.

There are moments of terror and moments that absolutely riveted me, which helped me jump out of my seat at least once, but I really wanted something more. I wanted more of a villain within. Instead it was simply like The Amazing Race against time in a controlled, yet uncontrollable, environment featuring a couple of gruesome deaths.

Underwater is an acceptable thriller, but it should have been so much more. It ends up submerged under the weight of an underwhelming story that is simply a fight for survival.

Underwater is available now On Demand