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Monday, March 23: The Journey Continues on ‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’

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Monday, March 23

Cosmos: Possible Worlds
National Geographic, 8pm

In “The Cosmic Connectome,” embark on a voyage of discovery through the evolution of consciousness with stops in ancient Greece and a visit to the largest life form on Earth. A young Carl Sagan’s career is forged in the clash of two scientific titans in “The Man of a Trillion Worlds.”

An Affair to Remember
FXM, 1pm
Catch a Classic!

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr star in one of the most romantic movies of all time. The Oscar-nominated 1957 film was directed by Leo McCarey, is a remake of McCarey’s Love Affair (1939), was itself remade as 1994’s Love Affair, and partly inspired — and features prominently in the plot of — the 1993 romantic comedy classic Sleepless in Seattle. But beyond its legacy elsewhere, this film stands on its own with its engaging tale of two strangers, already romantically involved with others, who meet aboard a ship, fall in love and agree to reunite at the top of the Empire State Building in six months if they are both free at that time.

Supernatural: “Destiny’s Child”
The CW, 8pm

A search for the one thing that may give the Winchesters an edge against God leads Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to Jo’s (guest star Danneel Ackles) door and to a secret that may have died with Ruby (guest star Genevieve Padalecki). Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) asks Jack (Alexander Calvert) to do the unthinkable to help the brothers in their quest.

Street Outlaws: Memphis
Discovery Channel, 8pm
Season Premiere!

The street-racing series returns for a new season with a special two-hour premiere. This season, new drivers emerge into the spotlight, and first-time racing teams are ready to take on the Outlaws.

9-1-1: “Fools”
FOX, 8pm

In the new episode “Fools,” the 118 responds to a viral stunt gone haywire, a disaster at a couple’s fishing trip and an epic first date fail.

The Voice: “The Battles Premiere”
NBC, 8pm

The Battle Rounds begin, and the coaches enlist music industry powerhouses Jonas Brothers (Team Nick), Dua Lipa (Team Kelly), Ella Mai (Team Legend) and Bebe Rexha (Team Blake) to prepare their artists for a dueling duet. After the vocal face-off, each coach must choose which artist from their team is the strongest to move forward to the Knockout Rounds. Each coach has one steal and, in a new twist, one save that will enter their saved artist into a Four-Way Knockout.

TCM Spotlight: Life at Sea — Submerged
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

Turner Classic Movies’ Monday themed spotlight on ocean-related movies continues. Today’s primetime focus is on movies taking place at least partly aboard submarines. Things begin with the World War II-era classic Destination Tokyo (1943), followed by Torpedo Run (1958), Ice Station Zebra (1968) and Operation Pacific (1951).

Prodigal Son: “Stranger Beside You”
FOX, 9pm

The NYPD dives into a case surrounding a famous mommy blogger whose husband was mysteriously stabbed just days after their baby was born in the new episode “Stranger Beside You.”

The Plot Against America: “Part 2”
HBO, 9pm

Lindbergh’s (Ben Cole) increasingly popular campaign sweeps through the country and captures the backing of Bengelsdorf (John Turturro), with Evelyn (Winona Ryder) becoming a fundamental asset in the Lindbergh camp. Alvin (Anthony Boyle) brings his pride and conscience to bear as he must decide between serving a local real estate magnate or risking an open fight with the fascist forces he sees spreading across the world.

The Good Doctor: “Hurt”
ABC, 10pm

In the first episode of the two-part season finale, the city of San Jose is rocked by a massive earthquake that puts the staff of St. Bonaventure Hospital on high alert as they race to assess the damage and account for the safety of their colleagues and friends. Meanwhile, Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) are attending a charity event when their lives are threatened by the earthquake.

Breeders: “No Dad”
FX, 10pm

In the new episode “No Dad,” Paul (Martin Freeman) and Ally (Daisy Haggard) are thrilled that Sprout the family gerbil has finally died, but explaining the loss to their kids is more difficult than they thought.

Manifest: “Unaccompanied Minors”
NBC, 10pm

As Zeke’s (Matt Long) condition worsens and the clock ticks towards his Death Date, he must confront his past while Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) tries to secure him a future. A pair of connected callings lead Ben (Josh Dallas) and TJ (Garrett Wareing) to a surprising loved one, and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) faces a moral dilemma when her own calling instructs her to let a criminal go free.

POV: “The Rescue List”
PBS, 10pm

In a rehabilitation shelter in Ghana, two children are recovering from enslavement to fishermen. But their story takes an unexpected turn when their rescuer embarks on another mission and asks the children for help.

Tuesday, March 24

NCIS: “Schooled”
CBS, 8pm

In the new episode “Schooled,” the NCIS team searches for answers when the body of a well-regarded Navy technician is found floating in a lake where a popular community event is being held.

The Resident: “Support System”
FOX, 8pm

In the new episode “Support System,” Cain (Morris Chestnut) becomes aware of an emergency situation breaking out at the hospital, and he recruits Ezra (returning guest star Eli Gelb) to help keep it under wraps.

East Lake Meadows: A Public Housing Story
PBS, 8pm

This new documentary by Sarah Burns and David McMahon (The Central Park Five, Jackie Robinson) tackles the impact of racism on housing while also exploring the daily lives of those who called East Lake Meadows, a 650-unit public housing community on the edge of Atlanta, home. East Lake Meadows: A Public Housing Story is executive produced by Ken Burns.

Alice Guy-Blaché Film Marathon
TCM, beginning at 8pm
Catch a Classic!

On the anniversary of her passing in 1968 at the age of 94, Turner Classic Movies honors pioneering filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché. Working at the dawn of cinema in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Guy-Blaché was the first woman to direct a movie and one of the first filmmakers in general to make a narrative fiction movie. Tonight’s celebration begins with the network premiere of the 2018 documentary Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché, followed by a number of films she made between 1906 and 1916.

Bless This Mess: “Knuckles”
ABC, 8:30pm

While cleaning out the basement, Rio (Lake Bell) jokes about Mike’s (Dax Shepard) lack of follow-through when it comes to his hobbies and various projects. Hurt by this comment, Mike sets out to prove Rio wrong. Meanwhile, Constance (Pam Grier) struggles to end her romantic endeavors with Pastor Paul (guest star Geoffrey Owens), who has become quite clingy.

FBI: “American Dreams”
CBS, 9pm

In the first part of a two-episode crossover with FBI: Most Wanted, Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon) and his team come to help OA (Zeeko Zaki) with the investigation into a bus and 26 students that went missing.

Empire: “I Am Who I Am”
FOX, 9pm

Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), Candace (Vivica A. Fox) and Carol (Tasha Smith) take a painful trip down memory lane, shedding light on their childhood and exposing heartbreaking secrets from the past in the new episode “I Am Who I Am.”

This Is Us: “Strangers: Part Two”
NBC, 9pm
Season Finale!

The Pearsons gather to celebrate baby Jack’s first birthday.

One Day at a Time
Pop TV, 9:30pm
Season Premiere!

Canceled by Netflix after three critically acclaimed seasons, the sitcom One Day at a Time was picked up by Pop TV. In Season 4, Penelope (Justina Machado) explores an unexpected relationship, Lydia (Rita Moreno) has a religious crisis, Elena (Isabella Gomez) prepares for college, and Alex (Marcel Ruiz) starts to date.

FBI: Most Wanted: “Reveille”
CBS, 10pm

The FBI and FBI: Most Wanted crossover event concludes with the new episode “Reveille.” After taking down a terrorist, the FBI and their Fugitive Task Force partners turn their attention to the terrorist’s wife, who escaped with $1 million and is determined to follow through with her husband’s deadly plan.

Council of Dads
NBC, 10pm
New Series!

When Scott Perry (Tom Everett Scott), a loving father of five with his wife, Robin (Sarah Wayne Callies), has his entire life’s plan thrown into upheaval by an unexpected health scare, he calls on three of his most trusted friends (played by J. August Richards, Clive Standen and Michael O’Neill) to step in as backup dads to help guide and support his growing family just in case he ever can’t be there to do it himself. Together, they discover that there’s more to being a family than they ever thought possible. After tonight’s premiere, the inspirational drama will return with new episodes in its regular Thursday time slot two hours earlier beginning April 30.

Wednesday, March 25

The Matrix
AMC, 2pm
Catch a Classic!

The Wachowskis ushered in a new age of sci-fi/action filmmaking with this groundbreaking and visually stunning 1999 classic. Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving headline the cast in a story of a dystopian future where humanity has unwittingly been trapped by intelligent machines within the simulated reality of the film’s title. Many Hollywood action films — including this film’s own two follow-ups — have since incorporated elements of The Matrix’s fight choreography, use of slo-mo and “bullet time” filming effects, and more, but this original is still in a league of its own, and still refreshing to watch today.

The Masked Singer: “Old Friends, New Clues: Group C Championships”
FOX, 8pm

The four remaining celebrities from Group C return to compete, but only three will advance to the Super Nine. Will Arnett is a guest panelist in the new episode “Old Friends, New Clues: Group C Championships.”

Chicago Med: “In the Name of Love”
NBC, 8pm

Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) and Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) fear Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) is repeating his past mistakes when a patient with early-onset Alzheimer’s is brought into the E.D. Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) and Ben (Charles Malik Whitfield) become concerned when one of Ben’s students is admitted. Drs. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and Marcel (Dominic Rains) treat a terminally ill patient and disagree over the best course of action.

SEAL Team: “Last Known Location”
CBS, 9pm

Tensions flare at home as Bravo Team prepares for a three-month deployment in Afghanistan in the new episode “Last Known Location.”

LEGO Masters: “Good Vs. Evil”
FOX, 9pm

The remaining contestants are tasked with building evil lairs and vehicles. Terry Crews guests in the new episode “Good Vs. Evil.”

Chicago Fire: “I’ll Cover You”
NBC, 9pm
Lt. Severide (Taylor Kinney) teams up with Seager (Andy Allo) and the OFI when a motel structure fire turns suspicious. Firehouse 51 members become amateur sleuths following a Reddit post involving one of their own. Brett (Kara Killmer) continues to get invested in her birth mother, Julie.

Stumptown: “All Hands on Dex”
ABC, 10pm
Season Finale!
To get justice, Dex (Cobie Smulders) takes matters into her own hands after finding herself at the forefront of a murder investigation where she’s the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Hoffman (Michael Ealy) struggles to remain impartial in the investigation and could lose everything if he continues to help Dex. Elsewhere, Grey (Jake Johnson) attempts to work on his budding relationship with his estranged father while a familiar face from the past makes a surprise visit.

CMT Crossroads: Halsey & Kelsea Ballerini
CMT, 10pm

Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey join forces to perform at the Ascend Amphitheater in downtown Nashville for the 70th episode in CMT Crossroads’ revered 18-year history.

Dave: “Hype Man”
FXX, 10pm

In the new episode “Hype Man,” Dave (Dave Burd) has an opportunity to open for a big rapper, but his nerves cause him to spiral into an identity crisis.

Eating History
History, 10pm
New Series!
Two friends — vintage food expert Old Smokey and collector Josh Macuga — embark on a quest to uncover, unbox and eat the oldest, most nostalgic and most shocking foods to have survived history. Historical eats unsealed this season include a vintage box of Wheaties from 1947, Korean War rations, Star Wars C-3P0s cereal from 1984 and more.

Brockmire: “Three Year Contract”
IFC, 10pm

This episode spans three years — 2031-33 — and follows Jim as he tries to enact change in the league though the owners don’t really care for or want it. Each time we see baseball’s opening day, attendance is less and less until there is barely anyone in the stadium. Simultaneously, Jim’s relationship with his daughter is worsening, with visits becoming more infrequent. We are also introduced to Limón, a smart device similar to Alexa, but so advanced it can anticipate your needs. Limón becomes a character and trusted friend to Jim.

Chicago P.D.: “Lines”
NBC, 10pm

Intelligence does everything they can to build a case against the elusive leader of a drug ring, but things get complicated when Rojas (Lisseth Chavez) realizes someone she cares about might be involved.

Earth’s Sacred Wonders
PBS, 10pm
New Series!

Discover what people do for faith in some of the most stunning sacred places on Earth. In the premiere episode, “House of the Divine,” viewers meet a Muslim paramedic who helps fasting worshipers during Ramadan in Jerusalem. A Cambodian man risks his life to save his ancestral spirits from the jungle. A Buddhist warrior monk in China faces a test that will change his life forever.

Year of the Rabbit
IFC, 10:30pm
Season Finale!

Things are not looking good for Rabbit (Matt Berry) in the season finale episode “Framed Rabbit.” He’s on the run after being named the prime suspect in a murder, but Strauss (Freddie Fox) and Mabel (Susan Wokoma) refuse to believe he’s guilty. IFC has renewed the show for Season 2.