What to Watch on AcornTV: Blood Series 2, Episode 3 “Where This Has Led”

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What to Watch on AcornTV: Blood Series 2, Episode 3 “Where This Has Led”

Premieres: March 16

After Episode 1, “Deep Water,” and Episode 2, “Grave Digging,” premiered last week, Episode 3, “Where This Has Led” kicks off this week.

In the third episode, Paul agonizes over the difficult decision he must make after the gang’s ringleader orders him to help steal Gillian’s prized horse. Gillian has a falling out with her husband before a family golf outing, and Jim interviews for a job in town.

New episodes premiere Monday through April 6

Need to catch up?

In Ep. 1: Jim returns home after a year away, determined to reconnect with his family. Fiona’s husband, Paul, helps him get a job at the farm, but when they witness some criminal activity at work, Jim’s path to redemption hits a roadblock. Then, one night, Fiona has a car accident that will change everything for her family.

In Ep. 2:

After Paul’s body is found in the trunk of her car, Fiona is arrested for his murder, and Dez pressures her to recount the day of the crash. In a flashback to weeks earlier, Jim and Paul disagree about how to handle what they witnessed at the farm, and Fiona receives a tempting proposal from Gillian, the wife of Paul’s boss.

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  1. Why can’t I watch “Blood” Series 2 Episode 3 now, a day after it was said to be available?

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