‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’: Embark on an Epic Exploration of Life on Earth

Emma Napper/BBC America/BBC Studios

The producers of Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II return to astound viewers with Seven Worlds, One Planet. Film crews visited 41 countries, capturing more than 2,260 hours of footage to reveal how each distinct continent has developed its own extraordinary wildlife. Renowned filmmaker Sir David Attenborough (who else?) presents and narrates the series, which will debut simultaneously on BBC America, AMC, IFC and SundanceTV.

To bring attention to the devastating bushfires in Australia, the series will now premiere with the “Australia” episode instead of the previously scheduled “North America” episode. Throughout the premiere, viewers will be informed about how they can help support relief efforts. Visit BBCA.com/howtohelp with links for more information and details from organizations who are helping on the ground.

“Seven Worlds, One Planet” Episode Schedule and Highlights

All episodes air at 9pm ET/PT.

Australia (Jan. 18) Crews used drones to film a shark aggregation that only happens every 15 years. The sharks’ unique hunting tactics had never been captured in detail before.

North America (Jan. 25) Magnificent firefly spectacles are filmed using low-light, time-lapse cameras suspended from cable dollies in the forests of Mississippi and Ohio.

South America (Feb. 1) Camera crews for the first time captured multiple Andean bears feeding in a single tree 90 feet high in the cloud forest.

Asia (Feb. 8) The mountains of central China hold legends of the “Yeti,” a golden snub-nosed monkey with a bright blue face. Attenborough first learned of the monkeys in the 1960s, but the incredible creatures had until now evaded being captured on film.

Europe (Feb. 15) Drone cameras ventured into Slovenia’s limestone caves to reveal the olm, a blind salamander that can go without food for nearly a decade.

Antarctica (Feb. 22) A grounded helicopter and a malfunctioning drone couldn’t keep crews from completing a seven-week quest to capture footage of the largest great whale aggregation ever filmed.

Africa (Feb. 29) Attenborough is filmed in Kenya with two northern white rhinos, the very last of their species.

“Making Of” Special (March 7) Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how crews filmed some never-before-documented animal behaviors.

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