New to On Demand and DVD: Abominable

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Some parts of the world call it Bigfoot, Sasquatch or yeti, but in the animated film of the same name, he is simply Abominable.

Yi (voice of Chloe Bennet) is a resourceful young woman. She has dealt with loss in a very real way as her father has recently passed. Her mother (Michelle Wong) and Nai Nai (Tsai Chin) are doing their best to keep her happy as she still has not opened up about the situation.

Yi is constantly moving from job to job and always on the go while her mother and Nai Nai wonder when she will slow down. The only person who really knows her motives is Yi.

While practicing her violin in her secret rooftop hideout, she discovers a mysterious creature hiding there. Turns out the yeti who is there has escaped from a local facility and is trying to get home — but where is home? A sign in the distance promotes Everest and the creature quickly is given the name of Everest by Yi and her friends Peng (Albert Tsai) and Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor).

Together the friends embark on an adventurous journey to get Everest home, all while trying to stay away from the evil Burnish (Eddie Izzard) and Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson). The friends will face struggles and experiences like nothing they have ever seen. There is more than one way to experience growth, and these young people will learn about themselves and each other in a way they never have before.

Abominable deals with a number of heavy topics in a light and fun animated experience. The beauty of the world is shown to these three who have lived life in their big-city bubbles. Peng is more interested in his social media presence and Jin is just a young kid who wants to play, but both of them must give their all to help Yi on the journey. And all three members of the group are needed to make the journey a success. Along the way Yi may really see the beauty her dad wished for her to experience and realize that there is life that still needs to be lived.

It’s a clever way to help those coping with loss and a very nonthreatening attempt at helping move forward. I love the way the story melds the ideas of love, life and loss into a sort of life journey. The world does not end when someone experiences loss — we do not end when there is a loss — but to move on we need the help of family, friends and sometimes a creature named Everest.

Abominable is available On Demand and on DVD beginning Dec. 17. Check your cable system. Check your cable system for availability.