Ellen’s Greatest Night Of Giveaways – The Most Feel-Good Event Of The Year

Michael Rozman

Hopefully you all know by now that Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most generous, kindhearted, amazing people in show business. She deliberately leads by example, believing that in a world where there is so much negativity, it’s important to lift people up.
“People are more alike than they are different and if we show each other compassion, the world can be a better place,” she says. “Plus, I think the kindness you put out into the world comes back to you like a boomerang, and there’s no fear of it hitting you in the face.”

When Ellen came to her team wishing to do more for people who really deserve it, they took her idea and ran with it. The result is a three-night, happy-tears TV special, where Ellen and a slew of her celebrity friends surprise people with life-changing gifts in Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways.

“These are people who’ve been through unbelievable loss and have overcome some tragedies in their life or have just been dealt a bad hand, and all they do is they’re resilient and they grow from it and they still love,” tells Kevin Leman, one of the executive producers and a major creative genius behind Ellen’s shows. “We wanted to just spoil those people beyond their wildest dreams, truly life-changing surprises.” (They also go “bonkers” with the studio audience.)

Since Ellen has become synonymous with generosity, producers have no shortage of individuals needing help. A problem occurred when Ellen didn’t want to choose who to help, as she wanted to help them all, which turned the original one-hour event into three nights.

“We had this great guy in Oakland, Calif., who does an after-school program for children, but it’s all done through boxing. It is truly a safe haven for these kids in a very rough neighborhood. They are all, obviously, huge fans of Steph Curry. So, Steph and Ayesha show up — I cannot tell you how big this gold truck is, with Ellen’s face wearing a Santa hat — the truck pulls up at his gym and they just fill his gym with new equipment. They brought individual presents for all the kids who are there, so they all get something to open this Christmas.”

As for some of Ellen’s favorites? “It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so amazing, but I’ll tell you this,” Ellen teases. “In one segment we do a surprise reunion, plus a giveaway that will knock your socks off. Luckily for the recipient of the giveaway, he can put those socks in a drawer in the brand-new house we gave him.”

The show’s format combines field and set segments, and features celebs like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Robert Downey Jr., Melissa McCarthy, Michael B. Jordan and many others.

In one of the set segments, Ellen gives a non-monetary gift that is equally as life-changing. “We found this family where the kids are huge fans of Justin Timberlake. And, oh gosh, I can’t really talk about this one because I cry too much,” Leman tearfully shares. “[Justin] surprised a family whose dad was diagnosed with ALS. He has three adult children and as a dad, of course, all you’re going to worry about is what’s going to happen later in life for your kids. So, Justin comes out and we get to show the dad that we’re giving each of his kids something monumental that will change their lives. It was so awesome.

“I cannot tell you how much Kleenex you’re going to need for this program,” Leman concludes. “I can’t imagine watching this show and not taking away a little bit of how much you need to cherish your family, cherish what’s good in your life and pay forward any good that you have. Those people that honk their horn at you the second the light turns green, after watching this show, I guarantee they’re going to stop doing that.”


  1. Ellen me and my fiance watxh this show we would love to meet you money is just been are struggle to do anything we barley get by but enough to keep me and him and the kids in a home you are one of the greatest humans ive ever known i thank you for all you do for every one maybe one day our dream could come true and be at a show

  2. Dear Ellen I would love to win a trip to take my husband on when he is better. He just had a leg amputated. He has struggled with his health and also through a daughter who was hit by a car and left brain damage. He suffers from deafness and diabeties and I would love to reward him with a huge surprise so he can do away and relax in the smokey mountians. His dream was always to own a small cabin in the mountians.

  3. Hello Mrs E I want to take this time out to say God Bless You and Thank You for your kindness to all you deserve to be recognized for all you do my Heart feels heavy because of your kindness I will continue to Pray for you and your Family because God chose you to be one of his Angels to do what you do. One day I hope me and my Husband get a chance to meet you I just want to give you a Hug we will try to get tickets for 2020 season Merry Christmas and New Year’s Bbless

  4. We only saw the announcement for the show on today’s show. I don’t know how we missed it we watch every single day.. I am sure it was a fabulous show just like you must be. We thank you for all the wonderful things you do for people who would otherwise go unnoticed. We send you love and prayers. ❤️ God Bless

  5. Please i need to win i have nothing for xmas.13 grandchildren 1 great grandchild.3 daughters.please help me.its so sad i cant do anything.

  6. I was just recently diagnosed with five brain aneurysms, and had my first open brain surgery in July, many more to come. I am fifty five years old and a mother of seven…four are grown and married, i still have three at home. Daily i am terrified of how much time i have left here with my family’ a matter of fact… i should have already had my second surgery but ended up with pneumonia and we reset it for after Christmas as there are big risks involved. I would like nothing more than a vacation with my kiddos… we need a getaway, a time to laugh… smile… enjoy moments together… lately our days are full of stress, tears and worry. I would gladly accept and appreciate if you could help.

  7. Hi..I have 4 awesome kids, 3 that have special needs..my husband can’t work due to his health issues..I would really like to be able to give my family an amazing Christmas this year..I thank you for reading this!

  8. Hi Ellen I have a twin sister that I love so much lately she had to stroke her kidney removed and now she has a spot on her liver a twin sister I am not able to give the one thing she to well she has a home that needs to be repaired so badly I hope someone can help her please help her with anything for her Christmas Thanks God bless you Brooklyn New York City Crystal st

  9. It is so awsome that Ellen does this. I know how hard the holidays are for many family’s. I know this year for me is Very hard however I am blessed my children, who are grown and grandkids know , just being togather and the love we have is more important then gifts. Thank you for doing what you do for people. It warms the heart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  10. I lve to watch Ellen and her game show is hilarious…Win or Loose I’m still your fan! Merry Christmas to you and your Beautiful wife.

  11. Hi Ellen, I think your an awesome angel for what you do for people. I know that you have alot of people that send you their letters,I am asking for your blessing for my daughter who is 15. We have been a safe house for a little while and our time limit is almost up and I am begging for miracle for her to be able to wake up in a home for xmas. Domestic Violence as well as severe lung disease with no family has put us in this situation. if God is willing it would be her happiest xmas ever. if not as a mom it’s terrible that we have dealt with this 2 years

    thank you ellen
    and bless you for your generosity

  12. I don’t need a present, I just just love with all of my heart what you do, if you would talk to my family or friends I’m a giver and I see only the good in people and sometimes you can get hurt being like that but I won’t stop. If I win anything I want you to give it to someone who really needs it. Someone that would be overwhelmed from happiness. Thank you Ellen!

  13. Hi Ellen I am asking for a gift for myself but depending on what it is; if I can share with others or bring smiles then 5hose are the best gifts. Im always told I don’t know how to get myself anything I always put others first. A smile is priceless.

  14. I wish Ellen can read mine also. I’m disabled have cmt and I have hard time walking. But I need to go do grocery see doc. And don’t have a car. Only god knows how hard it’s been for me and how many falls I’ve had drop feet and weak kness gives me more falls then anyone can imagine.I have had used cars most of my life and now can’t afford to even save for that. I walk with fear thinking of fallen especially crossing a street. I wish for even a used car if ever possible. Thank you and for giving people hope and help

  15. Ellen what you do for others is wonderful! There are so many deserving people out there that have gone through difficult times ,but yet, reach out to others to help them! I try doing this by trying to do a random act of kindness at least once a week. I know it’s not much but if we all did this we could help so many by playing it forward! Bless you Ellen Degeneres or should I say Ellen Generous!

  16. Dear Ellen I watch your show every day ..I wish there was more ppl like you your so kind and generous ..I have tried to enter to win the 12 days of giveaways I would be able to give my kids and my husband a Christmas if I won ..I can’t work to make money for Christmas bc I’m disabled and I had a very bad car wreck that almost killed me but by the grace of God I’m here it totalled out my vechile and I only had liability so it didn’t cover the vechile ..we have been poor the whole 30 years I beenarried to my husband it really don’t bother me that much I go without alot but I just would love to be able to give my family a great Christmas ..you have a very merry Christmas and God bless you..thank you Becky bradley

  17. Hey Miss Ellen I watches your shows mostly everyday on YouTube on TV where ever and I just sit back and think like wow I wish I had someone in my life like you I was raise by my grandma and my dad and mom never was there for me I have a 2 year old son and now his father isn’t here for him and to watch you give back to people you makes me smile and never looks back at crazy things I really likes what your doing I’m 19 years old I been to shelters and all

  18. I want a present. I NEVER get holiday gifts. I act like it doesn’t bother me, but it does. I miss giving too. Became disabled 7yrs ago. Boy did my life change! I’m blessed. A random gift would be nice, that’s all..

    • Love watching your show. I’m sitting on my back porch listening to the guys catching chickens.I’ve been up since 12:30and it’s 4:06 can’t sleep. But sure enjoy the peaceful night.Can’t wait to watch your show 10th-12th.Make them smile Ellen.

      • I am trying to summit my gift wrapped present.Iwatch your show all the time. am 64 years old and i am not working i have two grandsons i put my retired time in with .Contain prayers and helping with scholl lessons and proper health growth for them. I love them very much. I like the people you have on your show. s

        My daughter work and i do live with them. I would like to give them three a nice home but i cant afford it. And i would like for them to have a great Christmas as well.I love your show.You show love.Thank you for being a caring person it help people.iwas trying to send a picture of a present i had wrapped amd video but i failed.trying.Also keep up the dancing i love to see it.

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