Ellen’s Greatest Night Of Giveaways – The Most Feel-Good Event Of The Year

Michael Rozman

Hopefully you all know by now that Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most generous, kindhearted, amazing people in show business. She deliberately leads by example, believing that in a world where there is so much negativity, it’s important to lift people up.
“People are more alike than they are different and if we show each other compassion, the world can be a better place,” she says. “Plus, I think the kindness you put out into the world comes back to you like a boomerang, and there’s no fear of it hitting you in the face.”

When Ellen came to her team wishing to do more for people who really deserve it, they took her idea and ran with it. The result is a three-night, happy-tears TV special, where Ellen and a slew of her celebrity friends surprise people with life-changing gifts in Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways.

“These are people who’ve been through unbelievable loss and have overcome some tragedies in their life or have just been dealt a bad hand, and all they do is they’re resilient and they grow from it and they still love,” tells Kevin Leman, one of the executive producers and a major creative genius behind Ellen’s shows. “We wanted to just spoil those people beyond their wildest dreams, truly life-changing surprises.” (They also go “bonkers” with the studio audience.)

Since Ellen has become synonymous with generosity, producers have no shortage of individuals needing help. A problem occurred when Ellen didn’t want to choose who to help, as she wanted to help them all, which turned the original one-hour event into three nights.

“We had this great guy in Oakland, Calif., who does an after-school program for children, but it’s all done through boxing. It is truly a safe haven for these kids in a very rough neighborhood. They are all, obviously, huge fans of Steph Curry. So, Steph and Ayesha show up — I cannot tell you how big this gold truck is, with Ellen’s face wearing a Santa hat — the truck pulls up at his gym and they just fill his gym with new equipment. They brought individual presents for all the kids who are there, so they all get something to open this Christmas.”

As for some of Ellen’s favorites? “It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so amazing, but I’ll tell you this,” Ellen teases. “In one segment we do a surprise reunion, plus a giveaway that will knock your socks off. Luckily for the recipient of the giveaway, he can put those socks in a drawer in the brand-new house we gave him.”

The show’s format combines field and set segments, and features celebs like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Robert Downey Jr., Melissa McCarthy, Michael B. Jordan and many others.

In one of the set segments, Ellen gives a non-monetary gift that is equally as life-changing. “We found this family where the kids are huge fans of Justin Timberlake. And, oh gosh, I can’t really talk about this one because I cry too much,” Leman tearfully shares. “[Justin] surprised a family whose dad was diagnosed with ALS. He has three adult children and as a dad, of course, all you’re going to worry about is what’s going to happen later in life for your kids. So, Justin comes out and we get to show the dad that we’re giving each of his kids something monumental that will change their lives. It was so awesome.

“I cannot tell you how much Kleenex you’re going to need for this program,” Leman concludes. “I can’t imagine watching this show and not taking away a little bit of how much you need to cherish your family, cherish what’s good in your life and pay forward any good that you have. Those people that honk their horn at you the second the light turns green, after watching this show, I guarantee they’re going to stop doing that.”


  1. I believe your night of giveaways during the Christmas season is so beautiful and absolutely such a awesome show of humanity which seems to be lacking on our society anymore…I cried several times at the amazing reactions of your guests…you, your show, sponsors and all Your star guests whom help you are the greatest…my wish for many more of your give always to continue and keep up the awesome joy you bring

  2. Two good creative old souls just met too many obstacles… life is just getting more and more difficult- full of rules and numbers and untrained employees and oh so much to make you crave a life with even a little comfort… too old to work too tired to dream.. YOU are the Only person in the “Stars” that we believe in! Thank you for the comfort and laughter and love you share. P and A xx

  3. Every true hearted blessed soul person like Ellen who has the funds should follow her path- a path of true light and love, a path so full of compassion it’s sweeps you away… thank you Ellen. I love you:-)!

  4. I have a niece who has been in an abusive marriage for 19 years. She is now trying to raise 3 girls alone. I have her story she posted. She needs help and wish she could get some help.

  5. Hi Ellen,I just wanted let you know how wonderful, generous, and especially kind hearted you are,you have changed so many lives with you generosity, giving people hope and in particular lots of happiness.
    Your life changing support to so many people is without question is astonishing. My life has changed so much in the last few years.I have Parkinson’s Decease, for the last 5 years I have struggled with this decease,I have just given up on a Pump attached to my stomach, the pump is then digitally programmed to release medication in the correct amounts.Each morning I needed to inject myself with (apomorphine) the needle stayed in my stomach for 14 hrs a day,it was attached to the pump. This programme I stayed on for 1 month,I couldn’t cope with the injections each day, plus I had no improvement with my movements, the injection area became infected, so I ceased the program. I still take my prescribed mediction every 4 hrs by tablet form Madopar. My husband has been my carer for many years, never complaining with my requests.Would love to take him on a well deserved break,we just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and due to restricted finance I was unable to celebrate this wonderful occasion. His love,and compassion is so amazing he keeps me feeling positive. Thanks Ellen,for all your generosity.and compassion it is certainly has made a difference to many thank you for that. Suzy

    • Hi Ellen, I hope you received my Email above, I would love to surprise my husband with a holiday, we are both restricted Peter is recovering from a mild stroke, I suffer from Parkinson’s Decease. We long for a rest and a good pick me up. Hope you can help. Many thanks Suzy Lockett

  6. Watching your Christmas giveaway is so great. I think I have tears through most of the show. You are amazing. So glad for all your guest. Merry Christmas Ellen. To you and your Wife.

  7. Hi merry Christmas and a happy New Year’s I am writing you because I love my wife and there’s certain things you want in life she wants a house I cannot afford it because I’m on disability but I would love to give her her dream there’s anyway you can help me

  8. Can you help me I need a truck I am on disability with no transportation back-and-forth to the doctors with therapy I had back surgery and I only get 300 out of me and I have to pay rent or apartments $1500a month so Please help me my God bless you

  9. Love the show! What a wonderful thing to do for so many folks at Christmas time. Ellen is the best! I also love the Christmas song playing in the background. Can you tell me the name of the song and the artist performing it please? Thank you!

    • Thank you Ellen!! Many times people in crisis feel lost and alone. To pay off a bill or give a dying child some cheer before tragedy strikes can help bring hope and ways to pas on to others.What perfect time to let people see how love is the Real Deal. Giving hope and inspiration to show people how being kind is a Real gift. We are here to serve. When you can we all need to find ways of sharing to all in need. Hopefully more people will see the good first instead of putting money and things before the lives of others.
      Merry Christmas in the True sprit of giving, Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings.

  10. Thank you for doing amaizing / good things and changing lives for better for the people . We love your show so much . Anita from South Africa

  11. My name is Gladys, I watch Ellen shows every time I can, and her generosity is amazing what a good human been she’s!. I don’t want nothing for me, it’s for my husband Leon who’s 64, he worked his hole life for me and my daughter to attend a Doctor school to have an education, and he doesn’t have money for retirement so he’s planning to keep working to pay the mortgage and the bills, if you can Ellen please help him. Thanks for everything you and the people around You do to make this world a better place. I love you guys!

  12. Ellen love seeing you fill so many peoples life with joy I would love to enter my best f of 20 years into your giveaway this Christmas we are both single mothers and have been there for each other for 20 years she has a young son that loves power rangers I would love for once that he just has a real Christmas she struggles like many but lost her mom of cancer n now this month her cousin would love to just see a smile on there faces I would help if I could by like many I can’t do much

  13. Ellen it is so wonderful to see all the good you do for so many. I know someone that is so deserving. Her name is Alisha she has 2 little boys she is raising on her own. She has put herself through school to get her bachelor degree to give her and her sons a better life. She now works 2 jobs all the while making everything about raising her boys right. Their dad is not in the picture he has been in and out of prison. Her youngest son who is 7 loves you and your show. I don’t know what you could do for her but I know she has debt that keeps her from doing one thing that she wants to do and that is buy her own house.

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