New to On Demand and DVD: Good Boys

© 2019 Universal Studios Credit: Ed Araquel/Universal

Growing up can be difficult. New terms, new friends and new experiences are around every corner. In the new film Good Boys, the major transition for the beanbag boys, as they call themselves, is from fifth grade to sixth grade and all of the “adult” things that will change life as they know it.

Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) are trying to fit in. When Max is invited to his first kissing party, he of course wants to go with his best friends. But there is one problem for the trio: No one knows how to kiss.

Together, the normally good kids skip school to prepare for the party by helping Max learn how to kiss. Along the way they will play with drones, drink beer, run in traffic and so much more — you know, all the things you would hope your ordinary sixth-grade boy would skip school to do. (Yes, that comment is best read with full sarcasm.)

This is a film loaded with extremely raw language and shocking adult moments for our young stars. But, at the core, it is about the innocence and naiveté that we leave behind as we grow up. Lessons aside, there are just many moments of pure laughter in Good Boys.

Sure Tremblay, Williams and Noon shouldn’t technically view this R-rated film, but they are the people who make this film work so well. Each one of the boys has a moment in the sun and takes turns with their scene-stealing moments.

There are some moments that are lazy as stereotypes reign supreme, but for those of us adults who have not walked the halls of a middle school any time recently, it’s eye opening and, generally speaking, I found myself drawn to the film.

Coming-of-age films have always been a staple of American cinema, but rarely have we dug into the struggles that exist, even in the realm of the kids we consider the “good kids” in school.

Grow up. When are you going to act your age? I’ve heard it all, and kids today have heard it all. But why should we? Some days, I wish I could revert to the days of discovery again. The days when I just did and not worried about what everyone thought. I do it every day through various media outlets, but I temper everything else. These good boys help me remember the innocence of youth and, along the way, do a really good job at making me laugh as well.

Good Boys is available On Demand and on DVD beginning Nov. 12. Check your cable system for availability.