Scott Bakula Hints at What’s Ahead for Pride on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

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When production wrapped for the night, the NCIS: New Orleans cast and crew threw star Scott Bakula a birthday bash fit for a king, complete with a sheet cake decorated with the image of his character, Special Agent Dwayne Pride. The following day, Bakula was back in Pride’s shoes, dispensing New Orleans-style justice and telling us all about it.

NCIS: New Orleans continues its sixth season on CBS with Tuesday’s new episode “Matthew 5:9” (10pm ET/PT) in which Special Agent Christopher Lasalle’s (Lucas Black) desperate hunt for the truth about his brother Cade (Clayne Crawford) comes to a critical point when evidence suggests a drug-trafficking ring may be involved.

Pride travels to Alabama to join Lasalle in searching for clues and assisting local law enforcement to track Cade’s last known whereabouts. Of course, Pride is going to do this investigation his own way.

“This guy wears his heart on his sleeve, anyway, so when you start messing around with his family or extended members of his family, he has trouble doing both things — taking care of his people and also doing his business,” Bakula says of Pride’s not-by-the-book mentality. “It’s a battle. It’s something he fights all the time.”

The case of Lasalle and his brother is deeply personal for Pride. “He has those kinds of parental emotions, and he and Lasalle have been together the longest,” Bakula says. “He’s nurtured him and been his mentor. He knows Lasalle’s story and knows the challenges he’s faced with his brother. Hopefully, the rest of Pride’s team can handle what’s going on in New Orleans so he can really devote himself to being there to help Lasalle in any way he can. It’s a powerful arc, and it’s explosive in many ways.”

It’s been a rough year for Pride, as well. He’s been suffering from nightmares, insomnia and hallucinations stemming from his traumatic experience being kidnapped and drugged last season. Bakula hints that these visions will put Pride on the path to some important realizations in coming episodes.

“He gets some information about some events that happened when he was a very young person that kind of help organize his mind a little bit in terms of looking back on his life and understanding why he is who he is,” Bakula says. “I think that’s going to be satisfying for the audience and, I think, for his character.”


  1. It’s a TV show. We get attached. Lucas Black has his own life though. Glad he is making family a priority. Hoping the writers do well by his character…

  2. Clayne Crawford should be added to the cast once his saved he’d be ah awesome replacement for Lucas black

  3. Will miss LaSalle but he made a family decision and we have to respect that. Kids are only young once and if you miss it you cannot get the time back with them. We will continue to watch as long as the stories are there and they find a replacement that keeps the interest up. How about Coast Guard Abby? We really like her in every episode she has been in of either NCIS or NCIS New Orleans.

  4. I admit I was shocked that LaSalle “died” and couldn’t believe such a pivotal character would be killed off! Even though the actor asked to leave, it would have been easier if he were “eased out” of the story line instead of suddenly dying! However, that doesn’t mean I will stop watching the show. Now we get to see how well the writers can bring the rest of the team through their pain and loss – as well as all of the rest of us fans! Hopefully, there are more plot twists and turns and new characters to fill the huge empty space that was “LaSalle”.

  5. Bogus BS/ BAD DECI$ION from corporate boardroom. Kill off Lucas Black’s character, IDIOTS ?!! You just killed off NCIS NOLA. Majority of your viewing audience is DONE. The handwriting is on the wall. GO flock yourselves.

  6. Killing off Chris is a big mistake and it will cost CBS many fans. He could have been placed special assignment where by he could call in with details
    CHRIS was special. Iwill not watch now.

  7. Very sad and disappointed that Lucas,black had to die ,He should have look left looking for his brother then came back ..But I may watch or most likely not

  8. I was stun about the death of Lucas Black even if it was his decision to leave. Not watching anymore.

  9. If he plans to spend time with His family truly be a husband a father a son a brother and a friend.To Real people.Pray For You.The Crowns will be plentiful.God First ThankYou for setting a example of others to follow!!!

  10. I’m 72 retired police Sgt. Have watched every show, if not at home recorded them. Am really disappointed in Lucas leaving this way. Won’t be the same.

  11. Wish they had not killed him off but just let him go to “Bama” searching for his brother’s killer. Glad Black has the Fast and Furious deal but will miss him on NCIS

  12. This was a nasty and totally unnecessary move. Any other character would have done. There is no reason to watch this show any longer. Sorry…

  13. They have lost other cast members & replaced them with new ones and have survived. I am sure they can do that again. Disappointed some of the old cast were not at the funeral for LaSalle–that would have been more realistic!!

  14. I also can’t believe that Chris is gone. He and pride ARE the show. I don’t think I’ll watch any more.

    • MASH is the only show that I ever watched after a second principal cast member left. It changes the dynamic too much. Sat down and wrote my (most likely) last story about Percy and LaSalle and must admit that between the tears a wonderful story evolved. When you realize how much you miss him, go to WATT PAD or Fanfiction web sites to read love stories about them.

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