Kathryn Hahn Stars as an Experimenting Empty-Nester in ‘Mrs. Fletcher’

Sarah Shatz/HBO

Mrs. Fletcher


Premieres: Oct. 27

Airs: Sundays at 10:30pm ET/PT

Who’s In It? Kathryn Hahn, Jackson White, Casey Wilson, Owen Teague, Jen Richards

What’s It All About? Based on a novel by Tom Perrotta, who also wrote the pilot script and serves as an executive producer, seven-episode limited series Mrs. Fletcher is the coming-of-age story of empty-nest mother Eve Fletcher (Hahn) and her college freshman son, Brendan (White). When Brendan leaves for school, Eve has a sexual awakening where she begins to explore internet porn, other women and one of her son’s high school classmates (Teague). On the other hand, Brendan used to be the popular guy in high school, but he’s not having the same success with the college ladies, especially those in the university’s Vegan Life Club. “In high school, everyone liked me,” Brendan says. “Now I’m the bad guy.” Rounding out the cast are Wilson (Marry Me) as Eve’s close friend and Richards (Her Story) as a transgender woman who teaches Eve’s community college writing course.

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