Tiffany Haddish Hosts ABC’s ‘Kids Say The Darndest Things’ Revival

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Kids Say The Darndest Things


Premieres: Oct. 6

Airs: Sundays at 8pm ET/PT

Who’s In It? Tiffany Haddish

What’s It All About? It’s just like those golden days of 1945, huddled around the radio listening to the killer-diller segment from Art Linkletter’s House Party. Or it’s just like that 1998 TV version hosted by Bill Cosby that we all cringe about in hindsight. The times change, hosts come and go (to prison), but kids will always be funny when you let them be kids. Comedy superstar Tiffany Haddish emcees ABC’s new incarnation of the format, which finds Haddish interacting with kids who have innocent, unfiltered and amusing points of view. In the “Love Talk” segment, Haddish seeks dating advice from children. She takes a minivan full of kids for a ride in “Best Carpool Ever.” While dressed up as an elderly woman in “Granny Tiff,” she seeks kids’ advice on how to use newfangled gadgets. “I’m excited to hear what kids have to say these days because I can’t understand what they are saying on social media,” Haddish says. “They’re using too many abbreviations!”


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