Will Viewers Heart Chuck Lorre’s Sitcom ‘Bob (Hearts) Abishola’?

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Bob (Hearts) Abishola


Premieres: Sept. 23

Airs: Mondays at 8:30pm ET/PT

Who’s In It? Billy Gardell, Folake Olowofoyeku, Christine Ebersole, Maribeth Monroe, Matt Jones

What’s It All About? Chuck Lorre, the sitcom master behind The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, created this comedy about middle-aged oaf Bob (Gardell), who is in the sock business, and his persistent wooing of nurse Abishola (Olowofoyeku), an immigrant from Nigeria. Despite their cultural differences and Abishola’s continually expressed lack of interest, Bob continues on his relentless quest to win her, um … (heart).

“Bob is a guy that’s in a place where he owns a business, and there’s a void in his life because that’s all he does,” Gardell says. “His family is insane, and the stress of that drives him to a heart attack. And then he wakes up in the hospital, and there’s this lovely strong presence near him.”

Lorre hopes you’ll concentrate more on the story about an immigrant’s experience in America than the story of an unnerving, hosiery-pushing stalker’s romantic overtures. This is one of Lorre’s mediocre misfires, which still means CBS will give it no fewer than five seasons.

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