New to On Demand and DVD: A Dog’s Journey

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Dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend,” and with good reason. The animals are loyal beyond all comprehension and understand every aspect of their owners’ being, although no one can be sure why this is the case. A Dog’s Journey, the sequel to the 2017 release A Dog’s Purpose, tries to explain.

Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) was just a puppy when he met Ethan, who himself was a young boy. Through countless reincarnations in various dog breeds, shapes and colors, Bailey discovered that his purpose was to watch out for Ethan and ensure his happiness.

Now, years after their original meeting, the adult Ethan (Dennis Quaid) is living with his wife Hannah (Marg Helgenberger). Their daughter-in-law Gloria (Betty Gilpin) and granddaughter CJ are staying with them as Gloria tries to get back on her feet. But when Gloria takes their granddaughter and moves away, life becomes a bit lonely on their farm.

As Bailey starts another journey “home,” Ethan implores his friend “boss dog” to start a new purpose: to take care of his granddaughter. And so begins Bailey’s new journey.

Returning to the world as a pup named Molly, the reborn dog does puppy things, playing, tugging and, of course, sniffing other dogs. Most importantly, he comes in contact with the young CJ and helps her through some difficult times. But can Bailey fulfill his purpose to protect CJ as she grows up?

The first step in viewing this film is simple: Have a box of tissues handy. I’m not spoiling things by saying this sequel continues the trend from A Dog’s Purpose — dogs will be dying over and over again. And with that, you will be reaching for the tissues. It’s part of their journey of being man’s best friend. While at times the tear-inducing moments are obviously a bit contrived, they still do their job, as we don’t like to see animals die onscreen.

It’s a tale of true love, a tale of unconditional love and a tale we can all relate to through the fluffy animal onscreen. Love is something we all long for, and the devotion and unconditional love of a pet is the ideal. We all have a purpose, we all have a journey to take, and this film proves to be a microcosm for life.

Warm and fuzzy yet very real, A Dog’s Journey is full of life and a movie the whole family can enjoy.

A Dog’s Journey is available On Demand and on DVD beginning Aug. 20. Check your cable system for availability.