On Demand DVD New Releases Aug. 18-25

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On Demand DVD New Releases Aug. 18-25


The Sun is Also a Star As Natasha faces deportation, she happens to meet Daniel, who saves her life. What if the most special relationship she ever formed happened when tomorrow may never come? Yara Shahidi, Charles Melton, Jake Choi (PG-13, 1:40) 8/20

Brightburn Brandon is a special child, and now his differences are affecting everyone around him. While his mom stands squarely in his corner, she knows there is something very unique about her son. Elizabeth Banks, Jackson A. Dunn, David Denman (R, 1:30) 8/20

A Dog’s Journey (pictured above) Bailey is back. He was always Ethan’s dog, but now it’s his job to look after Ethan’s granddaughter CJ as she grows up. No matter what dog he reincarnates as, Bailey always takes care of his people. Dennis Quaid, Kathryn Prescott, voice of Josh Gad (PG, 1:49) Make It A Movie Night: Sure, it can be a bit cheesy, but it has dogs that will induce tears and warm hearts throughout the room. See it with those you love — with a box of Kleenex nearby. 8/20

The Hustle A low-rent scam artist meets a high-class con artist, and the two decide to join forces to take down a number of rotten men who have done them wrong. Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Alex Sharp (PG-13, 1:33) 8/20

The Tomorrow Man Two very different people — one obsessed with the future, the other stuck in the past — try to find love. John Lithgow, Blythe Danner (PG-13, 1:36) 8/20


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8/27: Rocketman, The Banana Splits Movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, The Secret Life of Pets 2