New to On Demand and DVD: Greta

Greta © Widow Movie LLC and Showbox Credit: Shane Mahood

Trust — it’s one of the things that make us a civilized society. We trust one another to do the right thing. We trust those who love us to take care of us and keep us safe. And we trust perfect strangers to find the same values important. But when trust is compromised in the film Greta, the results are frightening, to say the least.

Frances McCullen (Chloë Grace Moretz) is new in New York City, sharing an apartment with her friend Erica (Maika Monroe). Frances still has all the trust in the world within her, so when she finds a handbag on the subway, she has only one thing on her mind: return it to the rightful owner.

Looking inside the bag, she finds an ID and sets out to return it to Greta Hideg (Isabelle Huppert). Greta is appreciative of Frances’ efforts, and the two quickly find common interests and become friends. Frances fills the void left by Greta’s daughter, who is half a world away in Paris.

As the friendship progresses, Frances stumbles upon a number of bags in Greta’s apartment that appear identical to the one she returned. Could Greta really be less of a friend and more of a threat to Frances?

Stalkers on film through the years have been impressive. When you first begin to realize how crazy Huppert’s Greta is, it will make your skin crawl, and that’s a good thing. I had visions of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, although her character resorted to stalking for very different reasons. But at their core, both cases of stalking stem from mental health issues.

Moretz is sublime as Frances. In her portrayal of a woman who is trying to find herself as an individual while holding on to all of the trusting nature she was raised with, Moretz expertly explores Frances’ journey from naive young girl to street-smart young woman.

Greta delivers an increasingly creepy atmosphere as it progresses. Sure, there are sequences that seem slightly far-fetched, but many more scenes in this film exude a feeling of dread for what Greta has in store next. If you venture into this film, you will undoubtedly come out with a more skeptical view of those around you. Don’t let it stop you from being nice to them; there’s not enough of that as it is in the world. But DO be cautious with people, as you never know where the next Greta hides in plain sight.

Greta is available On Demand and on DVD beginning May 28. Check your cable system for availability