Grab Your Tissues and Get Ready for the Final Season of “Jane the Virgin”

Jesse Giddings/The CW

This month, the fifth and final season of The CW’s Jane the Virgin begins on Wednesday, March 27. To many, the end of the show means the loss of an extended family. The series has always revolved around the relationships between the Villanueva women — Jane (Gina Rodriguez), her mother Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and grandmother Alba (Ivonne Coll). But, of course, the show is a telenovela, also filled with powerful moments, sweet romance and shocking cliffhangers.

When we last left Jane, she had been able to put her husband Michael’s (Brett Dier) Season 3 death behind her and was pursuing a happy and fulfilling relationship with Rafael (Justin Baldoni), the accidental father of her son. But speaking of shocking cliffhangers … last season was a doozy. Michael came back from the dead! What will happen to Jane and Rafael’s relationship? Will Jane run back to Michael? And how will Rogelio (the exquisite Jaime Camil) react to the resurrection of his best friend?! You’ll have to tune in to find out, but I can promise you, it will be worth the wait.

The show has been lucky enough to have the full support of The CW, straight from the president of the network himself. “Around the second year, [President] Mark Pedowitz said, ‘The show will go as long as the story goes,’ which was a gift that, when you work in TV, you don’t often get,” said Jane the Virgin showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman. “And I was really grateful to that because it let me plan for a long time how long [the show would go on]. Then it felt like five seasons would get all of the stories [complete] and that we would be able to reach the ending.”

Patrick Wymore/The CW

Another thing the fifth season will bring is a conclusion to the show’s central love triangle between Jane, Michael and Rafael. But don’t worry, the plan has been in motion from the beginning. “In constructing the love triangle, we knew that we had to make both men worthy of Jane because we couldn’t vilify one or make one seem less than because that is immediately going to reflect back on your heroine,” said Urman. “‘Why is she choosing this one when this one is so obviously the choice?’”

Jane the Virgin has blazed a path for female and, more importantly, Latinx representation on television. Alba, played with genuine heart by Coll, started the show as an undocumented immigrant, and subsequent seasons saw her eventually become a full citizen of the United States. The Villanuevas may speak Spanish half the time, but their family is just like anyone’s — full of love and support.

The final season promises to bring surprises: Urman confirmed that Eden Sher (The Middle) will be a guest star at some point during the season, as well as other “very exciting” guests she couldn’t reveal quite yet. (The premiere also contains a seven-minute extended monologue from Rodriguez that made this writer’s jaw drop.) But as the end looms near, viewers just hope to see more of what they fell in love with in the first place — the sincere love between three generations — and, of course, those telenovela bombshells that take your breath away.

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