All American RECAP Episode 15: ‘Best Kept Secret’

All American, Episode 15 © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Credit: Steven Baffo

In this week’s All American episode, “Best Kept Secret,” the uncertainty about Cory’s presence has caused a ripple effect on everyone’s life. Since Cory’s return home, everyone’s world has turned more dramatically. Spencer keeps finding himself at the expense of things outside of his control. At the end of last week’s episode, Spencer presented three possible secrets that influenced Cory’s reason to return; 1) To seek revenge for Grace’s affair with Baker, 2) Spencer’s rise to football fame, or 3) He actually wanted a relationship with his sons.


Each reason equally played a role in this episode. In my opinion, Cory wants all three things to happen – not so much the revenge part but he does want redemption. Spencer doesn’t know how to respond to Cory other than displaying his hurt and anger for staying away for so long. Spencer wants to protect the people he loves from Cory. It’s nice to see that Spencer tries to be open but it’s hard! Many more questions have to be answered such as, does Cory have a separate family? I ask that because he was away for eight years. Also, what are Cory’s plans now that he is back?

I watched Baker confess his infidelity to Laura and it was the most heartbreaking part followed by how Olivia and Jordan reacted. I think that sometimes families hold secrets because the truth can potentially rip them apart and that’s the last thing any responsible parent wants. Also, secrets eventually reveal themselves so the healing process can start.

Not As Easy As It Seems

Another thing that stood out was Coop’s attempt to have Preach kill Tyrone. Coop thought that she had everything figured out until Spencer reminded her that killing isn’t who she is. Just think about the death of someone on your conscience that you purposely organized to happen. Coop tried to change plans by making Tyrone feel singled out so he would run out of town.

When she finally explained to Preach that her new plan was a better idea, he gave her a mixed response. He’s hard to read! I thought he was going to turn on her. Unfortunately, Coop’s confrontation with Tyrone didn’t give her the results that she hoped for and Preach got shot. Now, Coop has to figure out another plan/tactic to get rid of Tyrone. I just want her to find some peace.

One last thing, at some point Layla has to tell Spencer that she’s afraid to go back home and why. I feel like she’s come all this way and all she has to do is open up about feeling lonely. Asher won’t stick around too much longer because of his father’s drinking problem. I think he’ll find his own place to live. His parents put him through a lot of mental and emotional stress.

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