All American Recap: Episode 14 “Regulate”

All American, Episode 14 © 2019 The CW Network LLC All Rights Reserved Credit: Kevin Estrada

WTF?! Did your mouth hit the floor as mine did during the final scene of this week’s episode of All American? So, what’s the reason? :

  1. Cory wants a legitimate relationship with Spencer and Dillion.
  2. Cory recognizes that Spencer is destined to be a football star.
  3. Cory wants revenge because Grace and Baker had an affair.

Cory has been subjected to bad impressions all season long because he’s been the twinkie dangling at the end of the rope. So, I’m going to say that it’s all three. Why? They all seem like legitimate reasons that influence each other. Think about it, Cory has been away for eight years so he had time to contemplate about a lot. Much like Spencer. Cory even said he couldn’t find the right time to pick up the phone but when Willie called, it felt like the right time. That excuse didn’t sit well with me but it was the best he could do without dropping a grenade on Spencer’s emotional state beforehand. I mean I don’t know. I want to believe that Cory is genuine.

Bling Ring

As for Asher, really? Shutting off the security cameras in Layla’s house just so you could throw a private poker party? Then her house gets robbed by a local bling ring. Asher decides to live with his father after Layla kicks him out. This is why I think she should just downsize to an apartment. She’s lonely! All the extra space is a constant reminder of that. She couldn’t even call her dad for comfort. Luckily Olivia showed up just in time.

Asher is fully aware of his father’s tactics, but he wants to give him a chance. It’s the same thing with Jordan in regards to Willie but Baker wants Willie out of their lives for good. As I mentioned in my previous post, Jordan struggles with contentment – he never had to really fight for anything – that’s why he doesn’t own his accomplishments. According to Willie, Jordan’s privilege is his disadvantage. Baker knows Willie so, he decides to pay him off.

If Willie is truly corrupt he will take the money and cut off Jordan like he never knew him. Baker wants this to happen so Jordan won’t be too invested in Willie. Even though Willie has been giving Jordan the nourishment that he craves, he sends him the wrong message. Baker even asked Jordan, “Do you want to get ahead by stepping on your friends?” Since Willie is the one who called Cory to distract Spencer during the playoff.


Coop’s anxiety spiraled into PTSD. Now, with Preach in the picture, Coop is unsure of Tyrone’s actions. Since Spencer is Tyrone’s new target, Coop has to be careful about how she handles the situation. Luckily, Laura gave her some information about Preach’s imprisonment. Turns out, Shawn’s brother, Brandon, was a dear friend to Preach and he refused to testify against him while on trial. Coop used that to persuade Preach and it worked, but for how long? Did Preach really take Coop’s bait after he educated her about the Greeks?

Before I end this post, I didn’t forget that it was Dillon’s birthday. Cory tried to involve himself but Spencer quickly put an end to that. When Spencer confronted Tyrone about Layla’s robbery, since he thought Tyrone did it due to their feud – Cory prevented Tyrone from shooting Spencer. Unfortunately, Spencer didn’t shower Cory with open arms. Neither did Baker when Cory asked him to talk to Spencer before the incident. When Baker advised Cory to allow things to pan out, Cory threatened Baker with revealing another secret that could hurt his career. Baker stood his ground and Cory bowed out like a sad puppy.

Lasting Thoughts

Just to clarify, I believe that there are more secrets – in addition to the affair – that influenced Cory’s disappearance. Of course, Micah and Grace are a budding romance, so we’ll see more of him.

Also, I want to point out that we need our fathers back in the African-American community. A strong father provides protection in a child’s life – not just physically. When a father is not there, children grow up lost and end up finding protection in the wrong places from the wrong people. Fatherhood is not a game.

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