All American RECAP: Episode 13 ‘Legacy’

All American, Episode 13 © 2019 The CW Network, All Rights Reserved Credit: Jesse Giddings/The CW

Finally, finally, finally. I’m jumping straight into the meat of this week’s episode of All American. After all of this time, Cory James (Chad L. Coleman) finally graces us with his presence! It happens during the final game of the season and it paralyzes Spencer. He can’t focus on the game and he keeps messing up all over the field. Meanwhile, Jordan still can’t win the approval of Baker.

Prime Time

It all started with one little essay titled, “Who Influences You The Most?” Since football is Spencer’s claim to high school stardom, his natural instinct was to pick renowned football star, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. It backfired and his English teacher, Mr. Vega (Rigo Sanchez), faced him with the task of writing it over if he wanted to play in the playoff against Logan High. Vega tells Spencer that football isn’t what he’s destined for. Unable to find a clear answer, Spencer began asking around, especially after JJ admitted to writing his paper about Dwayne Johnson.

Spencer felt like everyone he knew had a significant influence and he started to lose faith as the playoff drew closer. On the other hand, I think Jordan really struggled with contentment, which is defined as being in a state of happiness about your current situation. Contentment is so subtle and may only be recognized by drastic changes. Spencer shook things up for Jordan and it swayed Baker’s attention. Truth be told, I think Baker never felt like Jordan could be a star.

Now, with Willie in the picture, Jordan is always in a bad mood and confronts Baker often. When Willie confessed that he called Cory to distract Spencer during the game, it felt bittersweet because Jordan didn’t win Baker’s validation on his own. Without knowing that, Jordan still didn’t receive the praise he hoped for.


On this episode, I also thought Tyrone’s friend, Preach (Kareem J. Grimes), plans to kill Coop. He’s very gloomy and mysterious like he never smiled a day in his life. Coop tried to be nice and friendly but he dismissed her immediately. While they were making drops, Coop started to create allies but Preach stayed on her tail. Before he dropped her off for the night, Coop asked about his time in jail and he told her that he read books about Greek mythology. Preach mentioned that the Greeks used to take their opponents down by building wooden horses from within. Coop agreed with the concept but Preach left her with the looming statement, “The Greeks weren’t as smart as they thought”. Tyrone doesn’t trust Coop so, Preach has to be a reinforcement.

Moreover, Grace has a new possible love interest which is her urban planning teacher, Micah. He’s nice but Grace will play hard to get.

Enough of everything else.

Cory finally decided to appear out of thin air. This entire season has been about you! Cory, did you just get released from jail? You looked like you lift weights all day long. So, you have Willie’s contact info? I’m confused. Willie has Cory’s direct number. Even Baker’s mouth dropped. Now, I really want to know why you left. I hope it doesn’t involve a whole other woman that you started a family with.

I’m more shocked that there wasn’t a confrontation with Baker. Now, that I think about it, Grace never showed any animosity or discomfort towards Willie. So, Cory’s reason must not be so bad?

Attention Writers!!! We’ve been waiting this entire season, please don’t deliver a lousy excuse from Cory. Thank you.

Who Influences You The Most?

Spencer’s essay pointed out that everyone influences him, even his father’s absence. I think all of us would agree that it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone leaves an impact on us whether or not we realize it. The trick is, applying what we learned to when and how we evolve. Sometimes the hard part is accepting that you can’t apply what you learned because you’re a different person. In some cases, they’re hard to let go so you can change. Life is challenging, but it works out if you keep trying.

The episode wrapped with Cory mysteriously waiting in Grace’s home for her. So, you have keys too, Cory? Are you purposely staying away? Then Spencer walks in a moment after Grace. Now, all three of them are together.

How do you feel about Corey?


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