New to On Demand and DVD: The Possession of Hannah Grace

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There are times I sit down to write a review and the words flow freely. Whether positive or negative, it’s easy pickings to play with phrases that get my point across. And then there are times that the words are hard to come by — reviewing The Possession of Hannah Grace is one of those times.

Although we open with an exorcism being performed on a young girl, Hannah Grace (Kirby Johnson), our focus is mainly on Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell). Megan has come through a difficult situation as a cop in Boston and is trying to get back in the workforce. To do that, she takes a job on the graveyard shift at the morgue, a prospect that is scary enough but should be easy for this former cop.

The morgue is a creepy place, especially at night. Its lighting has glitchy sensors, and the level of human contact during the late hours is minimal at best. Megan waits for those who drop bodies off and then processes the bodies through a system. But when Hannah Grace arrives, all is about to change for Megan.

Now the morgue has a creepy-looking dead body, and Megan has dangerous and violent things starting to happen around her in this spooky facility. Will the woman who went into the morgue be allowed to exit?

It seems like The Possession of Hannah Grace has all the makings of a really solid horror film. The word “possession” is in the actual title, we have a morgue, the graveyard shift, weird strangers — all the element are there. So why then did I find myself only being truly scared by jump scares? A good horror film will make the hairs on my arms stand on end; it will make me look the other way when I leave the theater; it will make me shudder when I turn the light off at night. Unfortunately, that was not the case with this film.

The small cast does their best to slog through the film, but instead of rising above the structure in the screenplay, they simply are along for a ride. The overall experience just doesn’t have time to develop.

The Possession of Hannah Grace is available On Demand and on DVD beginning Feb. 26. Check your cable system for availability.