New to On Demand and DVD: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet © 2018 Disney All rights reserved

We use the internet on a daily basis. Whether it’s actively searching for the latest movie trailer, buying a new pair of gloves for the winter or just finding out who won last night’s game, the internet is at work all around us. In the film Ralph Breaks the Internet, we find out what is really going on behind the scenes in the vast wilderness that exists beyond our computer, tablet and phone screens.

It’s been six years since the events of Wreck-It Ralph, and our heroes Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (voice of Sarah Silverman) are just chilling in Litwak’s Arcade. On what seems to be just another ordinary day of work, Ralph decides to make Vanellope’s life a bit more interesting by carving out a new track for her in Sugar Rush. Little do either of them know a broken steering wheel will lead the pair on a journey that will take them far from the safety of their home.

Vanellope and Ralph head to the internet to find a new steering wheel, starting on eBay, where they enter in a bidding war with each other, driving up the cost of the needed game accessory. To pay for this purchase, the pair must create videos, get “likes,” endure pop-up windows and even head to the dark web. It’s a wild and crazy ride through the internet like you’ve never seen it before.

Oh, Ralph, we missed you so. It’s been six years since Ralph and Vanellope raced into our hearts, and it’s a thrill to get them back. The folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios have provided a rich landscape for this excursion. The internet as brought to life by the talented men and women behind the scenes is a visual spectacle that begs to be experienced.

And experience it we do — pop-ups, viruses, the dark web and a most enjoyable sequence with a ”Which Disney princess are you?” quiz that results in Vanellope meeting many of these special individuals are just some of the stops along the way.

Ralph is fun and funny with messages for all. It’s the perfect type of film that plays well with both kids (at face value) and adults (with the slew of pop-culture references). I wanted to see it again almost immediately as there is so much going on in the background that you’ll inevitably miss some of the hidden jokes. And yes, there is a post credits scene: a Frozen 2 preview, or so we are led to believe, but don’t expect me to ever give up the goods on what is really in the scene. Just stick around.

I really loved the fact that Disney was able to poke a bit of fun at themselves with this film. The irreverent nature of the aforementioned scene with the Disney princesses just pops off the screen and resonates with the adults in the audience. I found myself enjoying this race through the internet with a cast of colorful characters.

All the characters of the arcade are truly enjoyable to spend time with, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. What could be next for these old-school arcade heroes? Maybe a trip to virtual reality? I don’t know, but whatever it may be, sign me up. I’ve got a bag of quarters, and I’m not afraid to use them.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is available On Demand and on DVD beginning Feb. 26. Check your cable system for availability.