‘Dynasties’ Follows Five Royal Families of the Animal Kingdom

BBC America

BBC Studios Natural History Unit, known for wildlife documentary epics Blue Planet, Planet Earth and The Hunt, presents its latest series, Dynasties.

Each episode of the five-part event is an intimate look at family life in the animal kingdom, revealing the challenges leaders face in protecting their young, warding off rivals and ensuring their dynasty lives on.

With captivating images and emotionally intense storytelling — host and presenter Sir David Attenborough lends his signature levity and gravitas to the narration — Dynasties is essential family viewing.

Dynasties is simulcast on BBC America, AMC, IFC and SundanceTV at 9pm ET/PT beginning Saturday, Jan. 19.

Dynasties Episode Guide

Lion (Jan. 19) Dynasties follows African lions in the Masai Mara’s Marsh Pride, which has just two adult females — Charm and her cousin Sienna — left to feed and protect their eight cubs. Charm and Sienna must help their young overcome the dangers of the savannah if their dynasty is to continue.

Chimpanzee (Jan. 26) In Senegal, David, a chimpanzee group’s alpha male for three years, must always be alert and display his superiority to the group. Surrounding by rivals looking to overthrow him, David tries to hold onto his position long enough to sire a possible future heir to his throne.

Tiger (Feb. 2) In India’s Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, a tigress named Raj Bhera cares for her four newborn cubs while defending her hunting grounds against invading rival tigers — one of which is her own adult daughter, Solo.

Painted Wolf (Feb. 9) This episode features a painted wolf named Tait, matriarch of one of the last great families of endangered African wild dogs in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi River floodplain. Tait has ruled her dynasty and kept the peace for many years, but tensions are rising as Tait’s power is waning with age.

Emperor Penguin (Feb. 16) The stars of March of the Penguins get the royal treatment again, as Dynasties follows emperor penguins in Antarctica’s Atka Bay. Emperor parents have to work together to keep themselves and their chicks alive through the coldest and cruelest winter on earth.

The Making of Dynasties (BBC America, Feb. 23) Four years in the making and over 1,000 days in the field, the Dynasties team set out to film the stories of five extraordinary animals. Embarking on their missions, the film crews traveled from the plains of Africa to the jungles of India.

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