New to On Demand: Halloween

Halloween (2018) © 2018 Universal Studios Credit: Ryan Green

Michael Myers. The name itself strikes fear in fans of the horror genre. He’s spoken of alongside the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Norman Bates as one of the most memorable horror film villains in history. Now, 40 years removed from the original film, Halloween is back and so is Michael.

Haddonfield is a community that has never forgotten the night Michael unleashed a killing spree upon it. While Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) made it out alive, she also has never forgotten. She has isolated herself in what can be called nothing less than a compound, and seems prepared for the apocalypse, or at least the return of the boogeyman.

Michael has been in an institution for years and is about to be transferred to a new facility, but that has never gone well, has it? When Michael is free, what will happen to the rest of Haddonfield?

Laurie has always prepared her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) for the return of the boogeyman. Laurie was so intense in her preparation that the relationship became fractured, and Karen was removed from the household at a young age. As Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) prepares for Halloween, she wants Grandma to be a part of her National Honor Society induction.

Laurie knows she needs to finish Michael and end the grip of terror that he has held on her life. But can she finish him, or is Michael’s newest rampage destined to eliminate Laurie and her entire family?

The ’80s slasher film makes a return with the newest Halloween, and it is a welcome one. Director David Gordon Green and all those involved have made a film that is scary and tense. While creating the atmosphere, the writing team is able to pay homage to the original, work in some humor and introduce us to a new generation of Laurie’s family — all welcoming aspects of the film.

I loved seeing Curtis back in her role as Laurie. She embodies a woman on a 40-year quest for closure to the worst night of her life, and at the height of her strength as a woman.

I was nervous in seeing Halloween revisited 40 years later, but I’m happy to say that the iconic John Carpenter-crafted signature theme evokes emotions to this day, and seeing Laurie Strode and Michael Myers again is truly a great experience. When it comes to a horror-movie franchise, Halloween delivers all treats and that is no trick.

Halloween is available On Demand and on DVD beginning Jan. 15. Check your cable system for availability