New to On Demand And DVD: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Crazy Ricjh Asians © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and ratPac-Dune Entertainment LLC, Credit Sanja Bucko

Dating has been the topic of many films throughout history — the classic tale of the man or woman who isn’t quite good enough for the rest of the family has been repeated with some decent success. Now, it’s time to experience that general story in the film Crazy Rich Asians, based on Kevin Kwan’s global bestseller.

Nick Young (Henry Golding) has a beautiful relationship with girlfriend Rachel (Constance Wu). She is everything he could want in a girl, and he wants to take her to his best friend’s wedding in the East. Although Rachel thinks that means Queens, it actually requires the couple to fly to Singapore and affords Rachel the chance to meet Nick’s parents for the first time.

Even though the two have been dating for over a year, Rachel quickly realizes she may not know everything about her beau as their luggage is “handled” and they head to luxury seating for the flight over.

It just so happens Nick is rich — CRAZY rich! In fact, Rachel is on her way to one of the biggest weddings Singapore has seen. Nick’s been away from his family, but he was expected back over a year ago to take the next step in his development and become the head of the family business.

And his family is like so many others (just wealthier). The biggest challenge is for Nick to convince his mother Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh) that Rachel is good for her son. As with any relationship, that is just one of the obstacles facing this young couple in love.

Sitting down to view a film that has the title Crazy Rich Asians when I knew nothing about the source material proved to be a challenge. I had no idea what to expect and thought the title was, at best, questionable. But then I did what I am challenged to do for every film. I let myself go and let the screen wash over me. I found myself laughing and smiling in approval throughout.

What a special experience to find this delightful film at the end of the summer. Snappy and witty at every turn, it’s a story told with an excellent pace. Golding and Wu give us the goods and are believable and likable from the opening scene. The naivete of Wu’s Rachel character adds to her charm and likability, while Golding’s smile can get Nick through any situation. The leads are joined by a supporting cast with a great mixture of actors who always look to be having a good time onscreen.

Crazy Rich Asians proves to be crazy romantic fun. Sure, some of the sequences are a bit ridiculous considering the impact of social media today, but quite frankly most of it works. I love the characters and found myself really liking my trip — when do we go back?

Crazy Rich Asians is available On Demand on on DVD beginning Nov. 20. Check your cable system for availability