All American Recap Episode 5: “All We Got”

Corey James, where are you?

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Okay ladies and gents, you might be wishing for more or asking for it to be over. Personally, I had to walk away just to process this episode of All American: ‘All We Got’, when it left me feeling annoyed. The campaign for ‘Who’s Spencer’s Daddy?’ is making me impatient. This is the only thing keeping the show hanging on. Spencer’s invisible father is the star. Honestly, Grace could’ve already told Spencer the truth about his father. Please do not have us investing our time for nothing.All AmericanPhoto: Robert Voets/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Happy Birthday

So it opens on a good note, it’s Spencer’s (Daniel Ezra) birthday but he’s not even excited – everyone else is. He wants to celebrate in Crenshaw, but Laura (Monet Mazur) convinces him to have a party in Beverly Hills. He turns down her offer and I’m like, “Are we seeing the same house? It’s huge!”. At times Spencer can be way too serious like he’s not even a teenager. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to see someone his age be mature, but it’s like he’s not even enjoying this great opportunity. Who are your really mad at, yourself, or your father?

Later that night, Layla (Greta Onieogou) gives him field seats to a UCLA vs Eastern Nevada football game as a ‘thank you’/birthday gift for helping Asher (Cody Christian). That was nice, but Asher didn’t become a priority to her until the previous episode. I stopped believing they were even together. Spencer tells her his father is the coach for the Houston team and he hasn’t seen him in six years. If Spencer’s father has only been gone for the past six years then we should know who he is, shouldn’t we? This is what I’m talking about, it keeps dragging on.

Olivia (Samantha Logan) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) have become magnum P.I.’s for us all. Finding the truth made them commit identity theft. I don’t condone this, but YES! Finally the characters are doing something! But they actually meet their grandfather, Willie. That was a slap in the face.

Someone please take control of the writer’s room because it’s not going anywhere. Spencer’s dad has been in the shadow for too long, this would’ve been the perfect opportunity. Up until this point I only saw Olivia and Jordan as spoiled mundane brats only to have it ripped away with a sorry plot twist – should it be called a plot twist? More like wasting my time. This situation could’ve gave their characters some much needed ‘spice and everything nice’! Yes, I just quoted the Power Puff Girls.

So, for the past 17 years, Billy (Taye Diggs), has been supporting Willie, not Spencer. I’m not big on names, but Billy and Willie? How about Howard or Charles? Be more creative. I have no words because this is so bland like a raw salad. It’s an awkward encounter for Olivia and Jordan. Duh. How would you feel? Olivia invites Willie to the party but he thinks it would be a bad idea. I couldn’t help but ask, why is the coach hiding this past? I’m starting to not like the coach, aka Billy, because I don’t know who he is anymore. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING!?! Olivia and Jordan have different views on the whole situation. Jordan feels stupid and guilty. Olivia just wants to keep the past in the past. There, now we don’t have anyone moving the story.

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Identity Crisis

Back in Crenshaw, Coop (Bre-Z) is having an identity crisis. She starts questioning her sexuality. Can you blame her? I don’t. Right away that’s a deal breaker for Patience (Chelsea Tavares), Coop’s girlfriend, when they try to define their relationship. I feel for Patience, she doesn’t want to force herself to live in the shadows and she’s literally all Coop has at this point. On another note, those braids on Coop’s head. Really? Whoever gave her that hairstyle was not in their right mind that day. She didn’t even get a new hairdo for Spencer’s birthday party and she works at a barbershop. She’s not that lost! Please don’t use braids in that style for Coop ever again.

In Beverly Hills, Spencer’s party is going smoothly until Willie appears and the coach is pissed. Jordan and Olivia finally come clean and we learn Spencer is not the coach’s son. Can somebody – anybody – find this boy’s father? We finally find out that Willie disapproves of Billy’s wife, Laura, because she is white. That wasn’t a shocker even though it’s disheartening. I get what the writers were trying to do here. Sit tight, I going to get a little technical. This gave a ‘mirror effect’ because Willie wasn’t given a reason to hate Laura other than her skin color, like how a lot of ignorant people are.

Anywho, Willie creates a scene when he blurts out that the coach and Grace (Karimah Westbrook) dated in high school. Spencer becomes pissed to the point that he leaves to confront his father at the UCLA/Eastern Nevada football game. This is a cold case of suppressed emotions because of daddy issues, BUT we get to meet his father.

Liar Liar

Speaking of lies, Asher is still lying about having money. It’s making Layla frustrated, but I get it. He’s having adjustment issues. His parents just left him in Beverly Hills and he doesn’t even know if they’re coming back. He has to live off of Layla. Asher is dealing with a lot.

Layla’s father, JP (Elvis Nolasco), just shows up. No text, no call, Layla literally runs into him when she goes back home after the party. He introduces Layla to his new younger girlfriend, Chynna (Niatia Jessica Kirkland aka Lil’ Mama). Layla isn’t surprised. I feel like JP will try to force Chynna and Layla to like each other. Is he going to confront Asher about living there?

Moving on, Spencer is walking down a bus terminal and sees a man standing next to the Houston football team’s bus. He’s hopeful when he taps the man on the shoulder and asks for Corey James. It’s not his father. The man tells him that Corey stopped working for the Eastern Nevada football team and lives in LA.

So, his father has been in the same city this whole time? Who is this man!?! The coach catches up with Spencer and basically says that he wants Spencer to be part of his family. Wasn’t he already?

In Beverly Hills, Olivia tells Jordan about her stint with Asher. Okay, Olivia regrets what she did but Jordan can’t hold water. I have a feeling he’ll confront Asher who will come out to Layla.

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Who is Corey James?

The coach visits Willie at his Crenshaw home and basically confronts him about the day before. Of course. Willie isn’t too apologetic but instead he mentions Corey James. The coach becomes interested and even a little annoyed. Willie explains that Corey visited him before he left years ago and basically didn’t agree with the coach dating Grace. Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Willie also says that Corey doesn’t know the truth of what actually happened. The look on the coach’s face said it all. What did you do, Billy?


According to The Wrap, the CW has ordered five new episodes, and received three so far. No signs of a Season 2 yet. I think it will get cancelled because Spencer’s dad is the only character pushing the story, and he’s not even there. The characters are bland, nothing is being sacrificed, no one is taking risks. Honestly, Coop is the most interesting because she’s a young black lesbian in a mainstream story. Her only downfall is, she’s a supporting character.

What do you think?


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  1. You do understand this is based on a true story, you can only use so much to spice it up. I think billy is his father and that his friend Corey took on the responsibility for him knowing he had a brighter future and would fill his pockets once he reached the NFL. I could be completely wrong but you see it happen all the time on the streets, friends taking charges or taking the wrap for there friends fuck ups because they can see a brighter future for them. The old saying goes if one makes it we all make it.

  2. You sound crazy, this show is amazing just because you don’t understand what it is like to grow up and raise yourself like Spencer and know about some of these situations, doesn’t make it a bad or pointless show. I feel like it having more than 2 seasons this is the only show on CW with a reality plot that is good.

    • Also, the team Corey James coached for was Eastern Nevada not Houston. You should go back and check your sources before posting something or maybe actually watch the show next time.

  3. I can agree with you with the fact we are searching for the same person and that maybe the only thing that’s holding this show together. It’s kind of confusing maybe when the plot was first aired it showed the audience to look at the coach as the father maybe they know the audience is leaning this way and waiting for the grand finale and have nothing left. One I hope the coach is the father but I’m leaning towards she cheated and the mystery dude billy blames is the father but the truth is he’s the father and coop story is boring, I see the identity struggle but the gang ties but nah should of use another character added a third friend with the gang stuff to much for one character to bare ..

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