Meet ‘Mama Medium!’ The Star of TLC’s New Show ‘Plays Charades With Dead People’


TLC’s new series Mama Medium (premiering Monday, Nov. 5) might seem like familiar ground for the network ­— but wait until you meet her! Jennie Marie calls herself a “Comedium,” delivering a large dose of humor along with her astounding abilities. Not only is she a medium, but she’s also a psychic, an empath and a fourth-generation clairvoyant.

“Being psychic means that I can see the future,” Jennie Marie explains. “Being a medium means that I talk to passed loved ones. Being clairvoyant is how I receive my messages. So when I’m speaking to someone that’s passed, I see images. I tell people I play charades with dead people! … My third gift is I’m empathic, and that means I can literally feel energy. So if people are in a room with me, I can feel how they feel. When past loved ones come through and they want to validate how they passed, or if there’s pain in the person that I’m speaking to, my knee with hurt, or my head will hurt. I can literally feel these things and how they feel emotionally.”

Based out of Rochester, N.Y., Jennie Marie is a wife and mother of four sons, three of whom have inherited some of her abilities. She was only 7 years old when she started speaking with her great-grandmother who had passed, a woman she had never met before. At 12, the things she saw started coming true. But it wasn’t until her late 20s that her gift grew strong enough to conduct readings on herself and eventually individuals and groups.

Jennie Marie has even trained herself to know if her readings are correct. “If I am communicating with a past loved one — or even if you and I are speaking — and something is truthful, I get chills. I physically can feel chills, however you want to say that, goosebumps, when something is right. It’s a way that I’ve taught myself to be validated.”

Sometimes her messages arrive in unexpected ways. “I’ve had my phone go off in the middle of the night, but I had the ringer off. I look up, and it’s because a spirit’s trying to get my attention.”

Of course, there are always those who refuse to believe. “I feel skeptics believe, but they’re afraid; or they believe, but can’t acknowledge that they believe until they’ve seen proof. … I tell skeptics, ‘Meet me at my event, come to a group, talk to me afterwards. Because guess what? I’m gonna change your mind.’ It’s a challenge, I love it.”

Each episode of Mama Medium (Mondays beginning Nov. 5) showcases Jennie Marie’s abilities and gives viewers a look at what it’s like in her home with a gifted mom, gifted children and a husband keeping up with the chaos. “Every day in our lives, one of the children is talking about either my gift or their gift. So is it completely normal every day for us to talk about dead people or being a psychic? Absolutely 100 percent.” The show is relatable, emotional and funny — just a day in the life of a comedic medium!


  1. Jennie Marie- I always knew I would meet someone with your talent. I also live in Rochester and take care of my mom so I could never go out of the area. I cannot tell you how much I need a reading. My life is coming to a crossroads soon and I need an objective opinion. Thank you.

  2. Hey Jennie Marie my name is scott mcpherson and I have been realy looking for someone that has your type of job and talent and communication to heaven bc I am trying to get in contact with some loved ones and I need to know some thing hat I have quitioned for a long time so can you please email me back bc I would like to make a appointment with you

  3. Hello I’m Atour. I am a 36 year old girl. I lost my mom in March of 2016 and lost my dad in July of 2017. I’m the youngest of 5 kids. I was wondering if I could get a reading

  4. I have prayed for a chance to find out about my son who passed suddenly. I know things happened that have been hidden. I really need to hear from him. Please if their is any way I could get a 30 contact with you I would be so grateful. I believe GOD sent you to bring messages to love ones on on earth. My son had 2 beautiful children I would love to tell how I was able to talk with Daddy. Please give me a call. I know your the real thing!

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