John C. McGinley Takes Another Stab at IFC’s Monstrously Fun ‘Stan Against Evil’

Tina Rowden/IFC

It’s hard to keep hordes of the undead at bay when you’re stuck in a hell of your own making.

That’s the situation ornery ex-sheriff Stan (John C. McGinley) finds himself in when IFC conjures up Season 3 of horror/comedy Stan Against Evil starting Wednesday, Oct. 31, at 10pm ET/PT, and running with two back-to-back episodes each week through Nov. 21.

Stan’s attempt to save his dead wife in the Season 2 finale resulted in the portal to the netherworld being left open and all hell being unleashed on the town of Willard’s Mill.

“At the end of Season 2, there’s an apocalypse of sorts, and the world has ended,” McGinley says. “Now the challenge for Dana Gould, the writer, is what are you going to do with Season 3?”

Gould didn’t take the “It was all a dream!” easy way out. He’s putting the characters through hell and back this time around.

“He made it that as soon as Evie [Janet Varney] and Stan can own their own interior hell — if they can chart through that landscape — then they can make it back to the real world,” McGinley says.

In the Season 3 premiere “Hell Is What You Make It,” Stan must exorcise his personal demons and go against everything he believes in to undo the catastrophe. “This is a damaged guy. This is a wounded man,” McGinley says. “Does he have the wherewithal to switch course and try to do things that he’s never done before?”

While the premiere sits on the heavier side of a series that McGinley describes as teetering between The Exorcist and Scooby-Doo, the season’s third episode, “Larva My Life,” is an absolute hoot. In an homage to the kaiju monster films of Godzilla and Mothra, Kenny (returning guest star David Koechner) metamorphoses into a silk-spinning “Kennypillar” that wreaks chaos on the town.

McGinley says that he and writer/creator Dana Gould were nervous about sending that episode to IFC. “We didn’t know if they were going to fire us or enjoy it as much as we did, because it’s so subversive,” he says. Go figure, it was IFC’s favorite episode. “Not only did they have no notes, which is very unusual, but they put the Kennypillar on this billboard that’s going to be about seven stories high in New York City and in Los Angeles.”


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