‘Blindspot’ Star Jaimie Alexander Talks Villains, Heartbreak and Halloween!

Matthias Clamer/NBC
Jaimie Alexander

At the end of Blindspot’s last season, viewers gasped as heroine Jane woke up in the hospital as her previous evil self, Remi, ready to infiltrate and destroy the FBI from the inside. But before she can do that, she needs to convince the team that she’s actually Jane. We spoke with star Jaimie Alexander, who plays Jane and Remi, on what we can expect from the fourth season and what lies in store for her character.

Plot twist! Jane’s memory has been wiped again, and now she’s woken up as “Remi” intent on taking the FBI down. How will the introduction of Jane/Remi as the big villain influence Season 4? How excited are you for this?
Jaimie Alexander: I’m really excited to explore Remi, the villainous side of Jane. So far, we’ve only seen her in flashbacks. Little glimpses here and there. I feel it will be fun for the audience to know that Jane is now Remi, as the entire cast has no idea. All the characters on the show are in the dark. There have been a few times where Remi has almost blown her cover, and it’s going to be quite the roller coaster for our viewers at home.

What can you share on Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane’s relationship this season, given that she’s now hellbent on dismantling their team? He’s got to be the first person to suspect something has changed, right?
So far, he doesn’t suspect anything. Remi is quite good at playing the “doting wife.” It’s heartbreaking because Weller is so in love with Jane, and Remi uses his love to manipulate him. Eventually, I believe the darkness will come to light and he will find out Remi’s secret. It’s going to be heartbreaking.

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Anything changing with the tattoos this season? Has that process gotten any easier for you in terms of the time you spend in makeup?
No changes to the tattoos. This season focuses primarily on each of the characters and their daily lives rather than the typical “case of the week.” However, the tattoos will continue to play a big role as they always have.

Can you tease one of your favorite scenes so far this season?
I really love my scenes with Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer). If anything, Rich is the one who suspects Jane is acting a bit bizarre. Whereas Jane kind of adored Rich, Remi despises him. We laugh a lot between takes. It’s a fun dynamic this season.

Since this comes out in our October issue, and we know you are a big fan of Halloween — have you started thinking of what you are going to do this year? Any costume ideas?
Yes, I really do love Halloween. It’s such a beautiful season in New York. I love all the festivities and the fall weather. I think I’ll go as either Trinity from The Matrix or Arwen from The Lord of the Rings. That way my boyfriend could be either Neo or Aragorn. We kind of want to do a “couples” costume.

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