‘In My Gut, I Didn’t Think It Was Done’ Tim Allen Says of ‘Last Man Standing’

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Last Man Standing


Premieres: Sept. 28

Airs: Fridays at 8pm ET/PT

Who’s In It? Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Jonathan Adams, Amanda Fuller, Christoph Sanders, Hector Elizondo

What’s It All About? The sitcom that ran on ABC for six seasons and was unceremoniously canceled in 2017 gets revived on FOX. ABC ended the series despite decent ratings, which prompted many to speculate that the network was motivated by politics. “It just came by kind of a surprise,” Allen says, noting that he has worked most of his life at Disney/ABC. “If it was a political decision — which I don’t think it was a political decision — they certainly wouldn’t be dim enough to admit that.”

Still, Allen felt the show was in a “sweet spot” and had stories left to tell. “In my gut, I didn’t think it was done,” Allen says. “I felt like I was the last guy in the hospital room looking at this guy in a coma going, ‘I don’t know. I think he’s coming out of his coma.’ That’s what it felt like. Everybody else had moved on.” Allen had a phone call with FOX executives to discuss the possibilities of rebooting the show. Eventually, most of the core cast, writers, producers and crew were onboard, and Last Man Standing was standing again.

As far as the transition from Season 6 on ABC to Season 7, Allen provides the perfect analogy: “I think we got a software update. We thought the computer was dead, and we’ve got all this data in it. And someone says ‘Wait a minute, I think I can reboot from another drive,’ and boom, we rebooted it and the computer’s fine and they put it into a shell that’s got even more RAM in it and everything is fine. It went to a deep sleep, and it looked like it was dead. Somebody said, ‘Wait a minute, if I reboot this from an SSD drive, I think I can get this thing to come back.’ ‘Yeah, but it won’t be the same.’ ‘No, we’ve lost a little bit of data, but it’s all manageable. And not only that, now I think it’s faster, and we will protect it this time.’”

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