Meet ‘Dogtographer’ Kaylee Greer in Nat Geo Wild’s New ‘Pupparazzi’

© National Geographic. Credit: National Geographic/Troy Knechtel.


Nat Geo Wild

Premieres: Sept. 15

Airs: Saturdays at 10pm ET/PT

What’s It All About? Pet photographer Kaylee Greer is one of the most sought-after “dogtographers” in the world, and her impressive portfolio showcases her ability to capture the silly side of man’s best friend. This heartwarming three-part miniseries follows her as she and her fiancé Sam shoot ad campaigns for major brands, create wacky themed portraits for private clients and facilitate photo shoots for shelter dogs in the hopes of helping them find forever homes.

“I get to do some really amazing things,” says Greer, whose candy-colored red hair is as vibrant as her personality. “I get to shoot ads for Pedigree and these big pet food companies with all this money behind them, and see that world. Then I explore the complete opposite, which is the shelter world and the dogs who really have nothing and have nobody.”

Greer shares that photographing shelter dogs is her life’s proudest work. “A photo says a thousand words. We have such a small amount of time to capture someone’s attention. It’s all there in that image, in that dog’s eyes, their story,” she says. “The most important thing of all to me is making sure that I’m doing justice to the animals that have no voice. It’s about giving a voice to an animal that has no way to tell their story for themselves.”


  1. I love your show and hope it will continue on National Geo. Thank you for all you do to help rescue dogs around the world.

  2. I love, love, love your show. It’s heart-warming to know that there are not only thousands of volunteers working on behalf of the unwanted animals, but also successful photographer spending countless hours of her time to help shelter pets. She is incredible!

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  4. I love your show pupparazzi I also love dogs I was wondering where can I get your magazine thanks have a great day

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