‘Outback’ Explores the Natural Wonders of the Land Down Under

Courtesy of Northern Pictures

The Australian Outback is a land of extremes: extreme drought in the dry season, extreme humidity in the wet season and extreme beauty all year round.

The three-part PBS documentary series Outback (Wednesdays beginning Aug. 1 at 8pm ET) visits the Kimberley region in northwestern Australia, one of the most diverse and fascinating ecosystems on Earth. Here, aboriginal knowledge and customs merge with the work of scientists and preservationists who are devoted to caring for this sacred and unique land.

See how Kangaroo Haven Wildlife Rescue cares for orphaned joeys, how rangers relocate an 800-pound saltwater crocodile that poses a danger to fishermen, and how scientists study the effects of invasive and poisonous cane toads on freshwater croc populations.

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