7 Questions With … Jodie Comer of BBC America’s “Killing Eve”

BBC AMERICA/Sid Gentle Films Ltd 2018

7 Questions With … Jodie Comer Of BBC America’s “Killing Eve” By Jacqueline Cutler

Jodie Comer is so eerily convincing as serial assassin Villanelle in BBC America’s breakout hit Killing Eve that it’s best to not binge-watch this before bed. Villanelle, with her exquisite wardrobe and Slavic accent, only seems to derive joy at one point — when her victims take their last breath.

The biggest surprise when Comer gets on the phone to answer our “7 Questions” is that she has a Liverpudlian accent and sounds very much like the sweet 25-year-old she is.

  1. What were a few of your first jobs before you got into acting? I worked in Tesco, a supermarket in the U.K., as a checkout girl. I also worked in a bar for a little while. I was a glass collector, even more glamorous! They were my main two jobs before the acting kind of took off.


  1. What’s a movie you can watch over and over and never get tired of? Billy Elliot and Forrest Gump.


  1. What are three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry? Eggs, some form of chocolate — I usually hide the chocolate in the hope I will fool myself, yet I always find it — and I have got a juicer, but the cleaning of the juicer does not seem to be worth the juice.


  1. Tell us about a time when you were starstruck. I remember seeing Julie Walters in the flesh, and I am a big fan of hers. She plays the dance teacher in Billy Elliot.


  1. If you could invite a handful of people (dead or alive), to a dinner party who would they be? Bruce Springsteen, my No. 1 forever, and my nana Frances, and that’s all I need.


  1. What was your biggest splurge? My biggest splurge was when I got myself a Victorian gold locket to put my grandmother’s picture in. That was my biggest splurge. I haven’t got a house.


  1. What is your most treasured possession? Photographs. I recently realized how important photographs are; I went through a load of them, and I lose count of how often my phone has broken, so to have them on paper, I treasure that.


The Season 1 finale of BBC America’s Killing Eve is Sunday, May 27 at 8pmET.