‘Code Black’: The Hit Medical Drama Goes Musical?

Boris Kodjoe Sets Things Straight.

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Brace yourself for some fun, Code Black fans, as Angels Memorial is about to get a little trippy. Series creator Michael Seitzman surprises viewers in Season 3’s second episode (airing May 2) with some full-on singing and dancing. We asked the bossman, Dr. Will Campbell (Boris Kodjoe), to fill us in on what the heck is going on.

“When you’re working on a medical drama, the chances of doing a musical, or even just being able to sing or dance or do any of that, are very slim to none,” Kodjoe laughs, giving huge praise to Seitzman for continuously pushing the edge in the writers room. “The way he packaged it and told a story was just absolutely genius. So we were super hyped about getting started. And this was a serious undertaking. There’s 13 cast members and we had a choreographer who was working really, really hard to support us in our strengths and not expose our weaknesses.”

On a more serious note, last season we saw a more human side to Campbell’s character as we learned he was a single father with a special needs child. “We started to understand who he was and that he wasn’t a one-dimensional a-hole. … This season we are getting deeper into who he is, his disposition, his principles and values as it pertains to his daughter. And we also uncover that obviously there has to be a mother somewhere because clearly he didn’t give birth to her. So we are finding out some things about his relationship to the mother of his child, which is very interesting.”

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