‘POV’ Studies Bill Nye, the Guy Behind the Lab Coat and Bow Tie

Courtesy of Brendan Hall/Structure Films

As star of 1990s TV series Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye made science accessible and exciting to a generation of young people. (“I can’t get enough vinegar and baking soda,” he says of his favorite on-air experiments.)

Today, Nye is trying to convince adults that science is real and important, and that bad stuff will happen if they deny its existence. “If we raise a generation of kids that can’t think critically, can’t think scientifically, we are headed for trouble,” Nye says. “As a science educator, I am really more serious about it than ever. These people who are denying science, denying evolution, denying the efficacy of vaccinations and especially denying human-caused climate change — we just can’t have this. We’ve got to fight this fight. I’ve got to fight this fight.”

POV’s latest documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy (PBS, April 18 at 10pm ET) looks at Nye’s life and career, which has included everything from being an engineer at Boeing to being on Dancing With the Stars to being CEO of the Planetary Society space advocacy organization.

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