5 Questions With … Lucas Till Of CBS’ “MacGyver.”

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The challenge is, what can’t MacGyver fix? We suspect if you gave him duct tape, a clothes hanger and a wad of gum, he could launch a missile. And it would undoubtedly hit its target, relying on a map he sketched on a napkin.

There’s a fun cockiness to Angus MacGyver on CBS’ Friday reboot of the 1980s hit. Though Lucas Till had dozens of credits before tackling this role, playing MacGyver could give any actor pause. After all, how many names become verbs as in “Can you MacGyver this”?

Till mulls over what MacGyver cannot fix.

“He’s like a Jedi; he can’t bring people back to life,” Till says. “He can’t figure out his love life.”

An MIT dropout, MacGyver enlisted in the military to defuse bombs. Till draws on his dad, a lieutenant colonel in the Army, to inform the character. Plus, his father is handy around the house, so Till figures some of those skills must be hereditary.

Shooting this season’s 22 episodes over 10 months in Atlanta, Till spent time with his family nearby. Starring on a series demands more than the films he was in, Monster Trucks and X-Men: Apocalypse.

Though Till appreciates the rigors of MacGyver, he relays an unpleasant moment from the season opener. “I was walking up a wall using a pole. Harnesses suck because they rack your manhood. It is not even that fun. I will probably remember this as the hardest thing I will ever do in my life.” Since he’s only 27, the jury’s still out. He has been working since he was a kid, making commercials for an energy co-op and a clothing store.

Playing MacGyver brought fame. Till was traveling in Spain when airport security asked for selfies. “It was enough for them to act unprofessionally, and that is pretty great,” Till says.

He’s weighing options for what to do next, and while on set Till took a break to answer our “5 Questions.”

  1. If your TV only carried three shows or networks, what would you be watching?
    Mindhunter on Netflix. Eastbound & Down would definitely be on it. I never watch myself. [But with MacGyver,] I am watching every episode. I like to see what we can make better. Also, my family loves watching it.
  2. What three things have to be in your fridge or pantry?
    Cheez-Its, Oreos and something healthy to balance out Cheez-Its and Oreos — Goldfish.
  3. What movie can you watch repeatedly and never tire of?
    Step Brothers.
  4. Tell us about a time you were completely starstruck.
    When I met Kevin Sorbo. I met him at Comic-Con, and he was super cool to me. He was a really nice guy. As a kid I watched Hercules [: The Legendary Journeys].
  5. What is the biggest splurge item you have bought for yourself?
    I just bought a Jeep with straight cash! It’s an older Jeep, and it was the most I ever paid in cash. My financial manager tells me I spend less than any of their other clients.

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