Dylan McDermott Is Ready For Takeoff In FOX’s Outrageous Comedy, ‘LA to Vegas’

LA to Vegas Kevin Estrada/Fox
Dylan McDermott stars as a smarmy airline pilot in FOX's comedy, LA to Vegas.

Stow your electronics, and put your seats and tray tables in the upright position — FOX’s LA to Vegas is ready for takeoff. The comedy follows the antics aboard a no-frills flight between the City of Angels and Sin City, and the short flight is just enough time for the crew and their eccentric passengers to get in a whole lotta trouble and serve up a whole lotta laughs. At the center of the brouhaha is pilot Capt. Dave, perfectly played by Dylan McDermott. He’s a smarmy lounge lizard of the skies and TV’s most delicious new character.

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“As soon as I read the script, my mustache started to grow by itself,” McDermott reveals. “The mustache knew before I did.” Unbridled, outlandish and outspoken, Capt. Dave can say or do anything he wants to — and does. “I think it’s just one of those characters where there’s so far to go with this guy,” McDermott marvels. “He could just go and go and go, and you accept him.”

McDermott is best known for playing buttoned-up attorney Bobby Donnell on David E. Kelley’s courtroom drama The Practice, but the actor admits that his love for comedy runs deep. “I started in comedy in New York years ago when I was just a kid. I must’ve been 20,” he recalls. “Then I got caught up in drama for many years.” McDermott credits hosting Saturday Night Live in 1999 — which launched his fortuitous friendship with the comedy team of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who serve as executive producers of the series along with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Lon Zimmet and Modern Family co-creator Steven Levitan — for this comedic turn. “We did The Campaign together,” McDermott explains. “So it was just like, you know, people who know that I’m funny are embracing me, and helping me, and saying, ‘Go, Dylan!’”

While McDermott steals every scene he’s in — as a captain has every right to do — the cast also includes standouts Kim Matula and Nathan Lee Graham as members of the Jackpot Airlines crew, with Ed Weeks, Olivia Macklin and Peter Stormare adding big laughs as three of the flight’s regular customers. McDermott also reveals that the transient nature of the series also opens itself up to a great potential for guest stars. “Already, Dermot Mulroney has come on, which was, like, 30 years in the making. People have confused us for 30 years!” McDermott laughs uproariously. “So when he comes on as my rival, it’s just like … you can’t make this @#$% up!”

The reality of airline travel doesn’t always make for a pleasant experience, but LA to Vegas is shaping up to be a hilariously memorable ride. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this zany flight.

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